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Nvidia plots accelerated computing’s future at ISC

Nvidia presented its Arm-based Grace Hopper data center products as accelerated computing solutions, at a special event at this week's ISC.

Nvidia focuses on data centers with new ‘superchip,’ A100 offerings

Nvidia is focusing on improved data center processing power and efficiency with new "superchip" server reference designs and liquid cooling.

Nvidia’s AI-driven future now on display

Nvidia sees itself as a full-stack purveyor of platforms, solutions and technology built around AI. Will developers bite?

How Nvidia’s Hopper powers AI innovation – CEO

Nvidia's new Hopper chip is designed to solve problems that have stumped its A100 series, said CEO Jensen Huang.

How is 5G shaping the metaverse?

To get the metaverse to work for everyone, 5G needs to change. The metaverse can help make 5G work for everyone, too.

Nvidia presents grand unified theory of the Omniverse

Nvidia says it's developing the next generation of AI with its new Hopper chip, and its Omniverse will help AI in the real world.

Samsung confirms ransomware attack

Samsung is the latest high-tech business to be victimized by ransomware group Lapsus$, which recently hit Nvidia.

Nvidia acquires Excelero in bid to grow data center market share

Nvidia has acquired software-defined NVMe storage company Excelero to bolster its position in the burgeoning data center market.

Nvidia reports record Q4, FY21 revenue on strong data center growth

Nvidia's data center business set Q4 and FY21 records, driven by strong uptake of Nvidia's AI hardware and Ampere chip architecture.

AI driving rapid change in network computing and data centers (Reader Forum)

In the world of network computing and data centers, any 2022 planning report destined for company decision makers likely has three familiar words in the summary text: distributed IT infrastructure. Accelerated change brought on by the pandemic is forcing companies large and small to reimagine...

SoftBank, Nvidia officially call off Arm deal

Nvidia and SoftBank announced Tuesday the $40 billion Arm deal is over, citing regulatory difficulties. SoftBank plans an IPO instead.

Nvidia to abandon $40B Arm acquisition – report

Nvidia's ARM aspirations look over, based on Nvidia comments to partners and movement from SoftBank, according to a new Bloomberg report.

Meta unveils AI supercomputer

Meta says its Nvidia-powered AI Research SuperCluster (RSC) will improve online safety and ultimately accelerate metaverse development.

Nvidia AI Enterprise containerizes AI with Tanzu support

Validates Domino Data Lab Enterprise MLOps software Nvidia has updated its software suite for enterprise AI. Nvidia AI Enterprise 1.1 adds production support for VMware’s vSphere with Tanzu. vSphere is VMware’s cloud computing virtualization platform. vSphere with Tanzu creates a Kubernetes control plane in the...

Nvidia White Paper: AI-on-5G Platform – Simplify Deployment of AI Applications Over 5G Edge Networks

Artificial Intelligence is the most powerful technology force of our time. Enabled by 5G’s high-performance, ultra-reliable, and highly secure connectivity, AI applied at the network edge will deliver connected intelligence across every industry, opening up new use cases in smart cities, smart manufacturing, smart...

Why managing 5G complexity is crucial to AI rollouts in 2022 (Reader Forum)

After a slow start, enterprises are poised to accelerate their AI-on-5G deployments as they race to deliver new applications and services to customers and partners Back in 2019, the pitch to enterprises for adopting 5G technology seemed relatively simple: super-speedy connections, capable of connecting hundreds...

Nvidia’s Omniverse ‘metaverse for engineers’ emerges from beta

Nvidia's "metaverse for engineers," Omniverse, is out of beta and free for Studio users who have Nvidia GeForce RTX GPUs.

FTC sues to stop Nvidia’s Arm acquisition

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is suing Nvidia Corp. to stop its US$40 billion acquisition of UK-based Arm Ltd. from Japan's SoftBank.

Ericsson, Nvidia create digital twin 3D cities to aid 5G buildout

Ericsson is using Nvidia Omniverse to create "digital twins" of real world locations, to achieve optimal 5G antenna placement.

Nvidia boosts GeForce Now cloud gaming service with RTX 3080 clusters

Nvidia's new GeForce Now RTX 3080 SuperPods promise console gaming performance in the cloud, for gamers willing to pay a premium.

The University of Texas partners with tech firms to set new 6G R&D center

The University of Texas (UT) has teamed up with tech companies Qualcomm, Samsung, AT&T, NVIDIA and InterDigital to establish a new research center, dubbed 6G@UT, to lay the groundwork for 6G. “The advances in both wireless communications and machine learning over the past decade have...

Nvidia announces Arm support for AI-on-5G platform and next-gen DPU

The AI-on-5G platform combines the GPU and the DPU on the same EGX Nvidia AI card At this year’s Mobile World Congress, Nvidia announced that it is extending support for Arm-based CPUs in the Nvidia Aerial A100 AI-on-5G, a platform first revealed in April at...

Mavenir, Xilinx prepping Open RAN massive MIMO radios for metro deployments

Massive MIMO solutions set for Q4 availability The availability of Open RAN-compatible massive MIMO radios has been on operator wish lists for some time as they look to bring disaggregated radio access network kit into more demanding, urban deployments. Cloud-native network specialist Mavenir this week...

The final ‘miracle’: NVIDIA Omniverse allows enterprises to build virtual worlds

During his opening keynote address at NVIDIA GTC, the company’s Founder and CEO Jensen Huang characterized artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G as “ingredients” necessary to “kickstart the fourth industrial revolution.” He added, however, that we are still in need of a final “miracle.” Cue the...

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