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Secure Services Edge market grows 40% – study

The Secure Services Edge (SSE) market grew 40% for the first quarter of 2022, said Dell'Oro, driven by hybrid work and distributed apps.

How the mobile phone is at the center of security technology for businesses (Reader Forum)

IHS Market estimates that around 120,000,000 mobile access credentials will be downloaded by 2023. Businesses are moving away from traditional access control methods like keycards and are investing in mobile-first technology. Why is mobile-first technology becoming so popular in the security sphere? Keep reading as...

How is security foundational to private 5G?

Private 5G networks change the security landscape, these experts contend, by converging siloed cellular, IoT and enterprise security needs.

Telia to develop private 5G for Norway’s Armed Forces

Telia expects to reach nationwide coverage in Norway with its 5G network next year Telia Norway has signed an agreement with the Norwegian Defense Materiel Agency with the aim of developing tactical private 5G networks, as well as a virtual private network implemented as a...

Canada to ban Huawei and ZTE from 5G networks

The Government of Canada said that local telcos will have time until June 2024 to remove 5G gear from these two vendors Canada has decided to ban the use of equipment by Chinese vendors Huawei and ZTE due to security concerns.  “The Government of Canada is...

Simplifying Kubernetes for telcos and cloud app developers

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) announced new initiatives this week to make Kubernetes safer and easier for telcos to use.

European Union publishes report on Open RAN security

The report recommends a number of actions to mitigate potential risks of Open RAN in Europe European Union member states, with the support of the European Commission and ENISA, which is the EU Agency for Cybersecurity, have published a report on the cybersecurity of Open...

Well, technically… the pandemic revealed how small our world truly is: Twilio’s Rebecca Thompson (Ep. 69)

Twilio's Head of Communications Policy discusses the importance of having a global business outlook even if you're not a global company.

What is a Virtual Private Cloud?

A Virtual Private Cloud can help enterprises leverage public cloud economy of scale while keeping corporate data secure.

CSPs pivoting to SaaS will see 25% IT cost savings – report

CSPS pivoting to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) can save reduce IT costs by 25% over 5 years, according to new research.

Cisco, Telenor Group tackle digital transformation with extended agreement

The Cisco and Telenor partnership addresses the digital divide and enhances enterprise services and security solutions Cisco and Telenor have signed the fourth iteration of a Joint Purpose Agreement (JPA) — first established in 2018 —  to support digital transformation by addressing the digital...

FCC adds Kaspersky, Chinese carriers to national security threat list

FCC said that equipment and services provided by these three firms pose a threat to national security in the U.S. The Federal Communications Commission’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau added equipment and services from Russian firm Kaspersky Lab, and Chinese operators China Telecom (Americas),...

The telco industry is running toward Open RAN, and that’s a good thing (Reader Forum)

During the past 25 years, the open-source movement has changed just about everything in technology. By transforming how software is developed, deployed and licensed, open source now powers most of the cloud-based apps and digital services we rely on in daily life. And now...

SASE networking and security spend tops $4 Billion, says Dell’Oro Group

SASE combines network security functions together with principles of SD-WAN According a new Dell’Oro Group report, the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) market saw a 37% growth in 2021, fueled mainly by the convergence of WAN enterprise networking and security. As a result, stated the...

Juniper buys zero-trust network access startup WiteSand

Juniper has acquired WiteSand, bolstering its cloud-native zero trust security portfolio with Network Access Control (NAC).

AWS Cloud WAN simplifies SD-WAN

AWS Cloud WAN consolidates the previous "patchwork" of SD-WAN tools into a single dashboard, providing customers with policy-driven security.

Booz Allen opens 5G lab to research the ‘balance between operability and security’

Booz Allen opened the 5G lab in Annapolis Junction, Maryland to support mission-critical applications Information technology consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton earlier this week opened a 5G lab in Annapolis Junction, Maryland to support mission-critical client work. In addition to providing Booz Allen’s cloud, network...

How to secure cloud-native 5G virtual and Open RAN infrastructure (Analyst Angle)

Ever since the cloud-native virtual RAN (vRAN) and Open RAN architectures have started gaining popularity, one key question both proponents and adversaries have been asking is “What about security?” Considering the massive number of services and critical applications that 5G will connect, security risks...

M1 to use 5G standalone for security, monitoring applications at Singaporean marina

M1’s 5G standalone network covers nearly 50% of Singapore Singapore’s M1 and its sister company, Keppel Land, have introduced several 5G services at the Keppel Bay Marina, including automated ship analysis and real-time monitoring capabilities. The new services will be offered on M1’s 5G Standalone...

Editorial Webinar: 5G-connected venues: A shifting value proposition in a post-COVID world

The need to invest in rural broadband infrastructure and bridge the digital divide isn’t a new ambition in the U.S. but the critical need for ubiquitous, reliable connectivity has been brought into sharp relief throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, federal officials made emergency...

Editorial Report: 5G-connected venues: A shifting value proposition in a post-COVID world

Venues like stadiums, transportation hubs and other large facilities have always been bottlenecks for operators, particularly with the proliferation of increasingly data-intensive applications. As the world gradually gets back to normal post-COVID-19, the future of venues is in flux. In the slow ramp back up...

AI-based services on public cloud brings new level of network security, flexibility and management

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are under increasing pressure to reduce both operating and capital costs as 5G network rollouts continue to gain momentum. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are quickly emerging as powerful tools to help operators do just that by aiding...

Netscout: DDoS attacks hit a record ‘new normal’ as cybercriminals exploit pandemic conditions

Netscout observed a record 10 million dedicated denial of service (DDos) attacks in the second half of 2020, and the lessons it distilled from the resulting data are pretty bleak: Even as the world grappled with the impacts of a global pandemic, cybercriminals were...

Well, technically… 5G will significantly increase entry points for security threats: Nokia’s Mona Noor (Ep. 33)

Mona Noor, a product manager at Nokia, dives into some of the biggest security threats our networks will have to deal with in a 5G era, compares the inherent security of cloud and on-premise servers and explains why home IoT devices aren't built to...

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