Are boom times over for Nvidia?

Prelim earnings miss guidance by more than $1 billion After the markets closed on Monday, Nvidia released preliminary financial results for its FY23 second quarter, which ended on July 31, 2022. The news is worse than Nvidia told investors it would be, and even worse than most...

Singapore’s telecom regulator unveils new 5G projects

For one of the projects, IMDA partnered with Keppel Offshore & Marine, M1, Hiverlab and Suga to develop and commercialize 5G-enabled solutions for the maritime sector Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) said it is currently working with industry to expand the country’s 5G ecosystem...

Nvidia adds just-in-time security to enterprise edge AI management

Multi-instance GPU provisioning helps ‘right-size’ edge AI deployments Edge AI moves the computational focus out of the data center and closer to the edge of the network, where the users and their data are both located. Nvidia announced Monday improvements to Fleet Command, its cloud platform...

Vodafone, Google Cloud continue modernization efforts with AI Booster

Vodafone and Google Cloud announced AI Booster, a new machine learning platform Vodafone will use to improve customer experience.

The future of 5G: More features, more spectrum, more AI

If you work in telecommunications or are a close industry watcher, it may seem that 5G has been dominating discussion for nearly a decade. It seems that way because it’s true—important, impactful things take time—but the best is yet to come. Even as 5G...

The 5G Advanced vision: Merging connectivity, compute and AI at the edge

The second phase of 5G helps maximize operator investments while setting the stage for 6G The first phase of 5G is largely complete and already delivering impactful new consumer and enterprise experiences. Looking to the coming years, with the transition from 5G to 5G Advanced...

Chengdu, the 5G Joy City

Chinese vendor ZTE, together with China Telecom Chengdu Branch and other partners have been working in the so-called "5G Joy City" project in Chengdu, China, with the main goal of improving the quality of life of Chengdu residents. As part of this initiative, ZTE and...

Hybrid cloud and AI will drive tech’s evolution – IBM CEO

Hybrid cloud and AI will drive the next wave of technology and productivity, says IBM CEO Arvind Krishna.

Qualcomm Webinar: Bringing AI research to wireless communication and sensing

AI for wireless is already here, with applications in areas such as mobility management, sensing and localization, smart signaling and interference management. Recently, Qualcomm Technologies has prototyped the AI-enabled air interface and launched the Qualcomm 5G AI Suite. These developments are possible thanks to...

Orange Business Services leverages AI for IT

Orange Business Services says its Service Manage-Watch helps IT departments wrangle service monitoring using AI-based predictive modeling.

Microsoft puts AI, Azure cloud development front and center at Build

Microsoft's AI-related Build announcements include Project Volterra, a new Windows-on-Arm effort built on Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor.

Nvidia focuses on data centers with new ‘superchip,’ A100 offerings

Nvidia is focusing on improved data center processing power and efficiency with new "superchip" server reference designs and liquid cooling.

Smarter than the average ‘G’: The role of AI/ML in 6G systems

Future 6G systems are already coming into focus through research and early development, and one of the most exciting aspects is the role that artificial intelligence will play in the next generation of cellular systems.   First, a note on artificial intelligence versus machine learning....

Cisco showcases predictive networking technology

Cisco this week put the spotlight on new AI and ML-based predictive networking tech which it says will prevent problems before they happen.

Kagan: Why Qualcomm keeps hitting it out of the park

Qualcomm is on a roll. They just keep hitting the ball out of the park, quarter after quarter, with strong and expanding growth. A few short years ago they were bogged down with Apple and U.S. government battles, but now that things have settled...

Dell Technologies World 2022: Five key takeaways from Michael Dell

Michael Dell: The combination of edge and 5G is “a huge catalyst for…growth” Dell Technologies Founder, Chairman and CEO Michael Dell this week opened Dell Technologies World 2022 in Las Vegas with a reflection on how the “twin engines of human inspiration and technology” foster...

Kagan: TD Ameritrade interview on 5G wireless, telecom opportunities

Thank you to the TD Ameritrade Network and host Nicole Petallides for inviting me to be a guest on their Trading 360 show. As an industry analyst in wireless and telecom, we discussed the changing wireless and telecommunications industry, which companies are performing well...

Editorial Report: Talking About (Industrial) Revolution: Utilities

In this Q&A report series, Enterprise IoT Insights talks with select industry leaders about how digital systems – including 5G, AI, IoT, and edge, plus other key technologies – are transforming vital global industries. This report maps the vision, signs the obstacles, and charts a...

Nvidia’s AI-driven future now on display

Nvidia sees itself as a full-stack purveyor of platforms, solutions and technology built around AI. Will developers bite?

How Nvidia’s Hopper powers AI innovation – CEO

Nvidia's new Hopper chip is designed to solve problems that have stumped its A100 series, said CEO Jensen Huang.

Nvidia presents grand unified theory of the Omniverse

Nvidia says it's developing the next generation of AI with its new Hopper chip, and its Omniverse will help AI in the real world.

How blockchain is revolutionizing IoT

For all the hard work and big talk, the IoT market has struggled to deliver on its grand promise of ‘massive’-scale industrial change. Make no mistake; IoT sensing, married with AI sense-making, is the means to digital transformation – and the way to industrial...

Qualcomm: One technology roadmap, countless opportunities for innovation

The connected intelligent edge is growth opportunity connectivity, processing, AI and more First detailed last year at a capital markets event and impactfully contextualized at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Qualcomm is moving fast on its strategy of expanding addressable market 7-fold to...

BT picks Google Cloud for digital transformation

BT and Google have announced a five-year partnership that will see BT leaning on Google Cloud technology to help its digital transformation.

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