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Re-set Your Expectations for Distributed Site Networking

Security and high-speed requirements set new standards for performance.

Are you tired of being dogged by poor network performance or security issues at your branch offices, self-service kiosks and digital media displays, or on tablets and smartphones? If you’re managing multiple sites, the frustration multiplies exponentially with the number of locations and devices.

Now there is a solution that will make your day. The new Digi TransPort® LR54 high-speed router is purpose-built for network applications like yours. It delivers higher performance due to dramatically increased processing and memory horsepower, with an LTE-Advanced radio that provides Cat 6 speeds up to 300Mbps – up to twice the speed of typical LTE. The router accommodates multiple users and heavy volume, within each facility and location-to-location across your distributed sites.

Digi TransPort LR54 gives you the ability to prioritize users in order to maintain the continuity of your most important business functions. Critical applications will stay fast and stable, no matter the job. Share real-time information, collect payments via credit card or new mobile applications, and gather business data – securely – with seamless and pervasive connectivity. And if visitors are tapping in, they’ll experience remarkable Wi-Fi performance, featuring dual 2.4 and 5GHz radios with 802.11ac and a 4 port gigabit Ethernet switch – a big plus for your customer experience.

Security. Security. Security.”

Like “location” in real estate, these are the top three issues on everyone’s mind today – and for no small reason.

On October 21, 2016, a major Domain Name Server (DNS) provider came under attack from two large and complex Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) assaults against its managed DNS infrastructure. In this case, botnets consisted of IoT connected devices such as printers, IP cameras, residential gateways and M2M (machine-to-machine) routers that scanned for vulnerabilities it could compromise.

The immediate result of the Mirai attack was that the service provider received malicious look-up requests from millions of IP addresses, which flooded the company’s Internet directory servers and made major Internet platforms and services, including Twitter, Spotify and Netflix, temporarily unavailable across Europe and North America.

The net result? Don’t let this happen to your network. On your watch. Ever.

Digi LTE routers are built to ensure the highest cyber security protection standards possible. In addition to individual product software elements, the PCI-certified Digi Remote Manager® provides a centralized platform for ensuring security across the entire network of remote devises with advanced VPN, firewalls, 256 bit AES encryption and authentication tools. It is hosted in SSAE-16 certified facilities and is ISO 27001 certified.

To maintain compliance with PCI Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), Digi Remote Manager finds and fixes inappropriate or inaccurate configurations before anyone can exploit them. It lets you define a device profile, assign the profile to all devices in a group, and monitor and auto-remediate any variance. It can also restrict incoming traffic to only allow secure connections, eliminating unencrypted or potential compromised or unwanted client connections.

In addition, Digi TrustFence™ device security framework addresses common security vulnerabilities of remote devices, from secure device access, to user validation and data encryption. It provides built-in security, giving you immediate access to critical features including secure connections, authenticated boot, encrypted data storage, access-controlled ports, secure software updates and seamless integration of dedicated on-module Secure Element (SE).

Don’t neglect physical security as well. Where it matters the most, Digi products include physical security features that help deter hands-on tampering and can alert your team to security breaches. Protective features may include SIM covers, specialized screws and lockable enclosures.

Take the “Fail” Out of Failover

Eliminate the hassles and letdowns of piggybacking on a third-party Wi-Fi. We all know the rabbit hole that can take us down. Digi makes it easy and affordable to bring your own fast and reliable independent LTE network to ensure nonstop connectivity. Digi TransPort LR54 is a turnkey, simple – and secure – solution that requires no land line, while dual SIM slots and certification on multiple cellular carries mean you can maintain dual coverage. So if for any reason your primary Ethernet connection goes down the router automatically switches to the alternate LTE connection for uninterrupted Internet access.

In situations where it is easier – and more secure – to “bring your own Wi-Fi network,” rather than tapping into an existing network, you won’t have to worry about different, or outside IT groups meddling with your setup, or changing security credentials without notifying you. Digi TransPort LR54 is ideal for startup, backup and primary connectivity. And it gives you the flexibility to switch from land line to cellular quickly, on demand or automatically through its built-in failover capability.

It’s time to re-set your expectations for distributed site networking with a faster, more stable and more secure router at the industry’s most affordable price. Digi TransPort LR54 is designed from the ground up to provide peerless LTE-A speed and connection integrity for managed network services and retail networking.


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