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How can C-RAN cut costs for mobile operators?

Video downloads, social media and mobile video games are a double-edged sword for wireless carriers: more data use means more revenue, but it also means carriers must invest more in their networks to meet that demand. When data price wars put pressure on the...

How will 5G impact carrier spending?

Although "5G" radios are still on the drawing boards, wireless carriers are already taking the next-generation wireless standard into account as they budget for the years ahead. No one knows for sure what the evolving 5G standard will specify, but carriers are starting to...

Editorial Webinar: View from the top: Tower technology trends

This webinar presents an overview of tower technology and tower investment trends, followed by a discussion of drone usage on cell towers and fiber testing. Three of the four major carriers now have processes in place to enable drones to inspect their tower top...

Repacking broadcast spectrum will require new skill sets

As the first phase of the U.S. government's 600 MHz auction concluded, the Federal Communication Commission said it will be able to clear 126 megahertz of spectrum. That's good news not only for wireless carriers but also for the construction and engineering firms that will...

Analyst Angle: And the IoT market leader will be …

There is no debate on the premise that the “Internet of Things” sector is poised for massive growth and, with that, represents endless opportunities across all industries and subsectors. With billions of connected “things” driving several trillions of dollars in revenue, understanding where market...

Analyst Angle: Backhaul isn’t always about fiber

Editor’s Note: Welcome to our weekly feature, Analyst Angle. We’ve collected a group of the industry’s leading analysts to give their outlook on the hot topics in the wireless industry. Discussion around the cellular backhaul market in the United States today places a heavy emphasis...

Wireless Infrastructure Service Provider Update Feature Report

In the latest editorial feature report from RCR Wireless News, wireless infrastructure providers, tower company executives, industry analysts and recruiters are interviewed about current trends in the North American wireless infrastructure services market. Wireless operators keep pace with the relentless demand for mobile data by...

Sprint and T-Mobile US: three other reasons it might not have worked

Editor’s Note: Welcome to our weekly feature, Analyst Angle. We’ve collected a group of the industry’s leading analysts to give their outlook on the hot topics in the wireless industry. Regulatory hurdles have apparently put to rest Softbank's plans to bid for T-Mobile US, but...

Verizon eyes ODAS, LTE optimization (RCR Mobile Minute)

The Mobile Minute is sponsored by SpiderCloud Wireless. Outdoor distributed antenna systems has been a tricky business for carriers and infrastructure providers alike due to zoning challenges, maintenance costs and leasing challenges. Nonetheless, Verizon Wireless is testing the waters with several projects. Analyst Aaron Blazar...

Small cell market continues search for economic sense

Small cells remain a bit of an enigma for the wireless space. Predictions for years have opined that the move to small cell deployments were just around the corner as surging demand for mobile data services had traditional wireless networks on the ropes. Those predictions...

Analyst Angle: Wireless infrastructure value chain consolidation?

Historically, the wireless infrastructure value chain consisting of tower operators, fiber backhaul providers and neutral colocation facility providers has existed as three distinct provider groups.

White Paper: 2014 Small Cell Economics & Realities

In partnership with RCR Wireless News, research consultancy ATLANTIC-ACM examines the emerging small cell infrastructure development space and the economics and market dynamics impacting small-cell deployments. What you will learn: Current business and strategy considerations for small cell deployments, emerging sourcing models, network expectations, survey results...

Analyst Angle: Disorganized value chain: the story of small cell and DAS

In early April, I had the pleasure of participating in the NEDAS Forum event in New York City. The forum had attendees and speakers covering all aspects of the deployment value chain.

Analyst Angle: Managing M2M’s big data will be an all-tech-on-deck exercise

It’s generally accepted that by the beginning of the next decade the machine-to-machine market, or, if you prefer, the larger-scope “Internet of things,” will have more connected devices

Analyst Angle: When will wireless matter in the consumer broadband access battle?

The broadband ecosystem continues to evolve but a key question remains: When will wireless operators play a major role in disintermediating wired broadband service providers?

Analyst Angle: Go-to-market tune ups for small cell infrastructure players

Tower providers, fiber players, integrators and others are focused on capturing business from the next round of U.S. mobile infrastructure expansion – small cells.

2014 Predictions: Data growth, LTE expansion, BYOD, M2M set to shape 2014

Wireless data will continue to grow at exponential rates, as will mobile data revenues (obviously): Atlantic-ACM forecasts that postpaid wireless data revenue will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.5% over the next five years.

Analyst Angle: Small cell – what’s the deal (is it real?)

Small cells may be one of the hottest topics in the wireless infrastructure space today, but their impact has yet to show in the United States and many are beginning to question their relevancy:

Analyst Angle: Why isn’t EBay an MVNO?

At the peak of the mobile virtual network operator fervor we witnessed in the 2005 to 2007 timeframe, common wisdom held that a successful MVNO must have killer content, a highly targeted

Analyst Angle: U.S. mobile opportunities over the next five years

The vast majority of this growth and revenue has been, and will continue to be, concentrated among the big four mobile operators – AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile US.

Announcing Telecom Exchange (TEX) CEO Roundtable Participants

Co-Hosts Jaymie Scotto & Associates and RCR Wireless News Announce Telecom Exchange CEO Roundtable Participants Live from NYC, Zayo, Allied Fiber, Hibernia, NeXXcom, TW Telecom, Optelian, Atlantic-ACM, Bankstreet, Alteva, Colo Atl and Lightower Fiber Networks headline premier data center and telecom network industry event  Austin, TX – May...

2013 Predictions: BYOD; death of the desk phone; over-the-top services; and more

It’s no surprise that the telecom industry has undergone a dramatic transformation over the last few years, and we don’t see this slowing down in 2013. The two biggest things that have happened

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