Sony hack update (RCR Mobile Minute)


    The Mobile Minute is brought to you by Juniper Networks. The hackers who hit Sony have released thousands of emails and each day it seems there’s new information about the deals that drive the mobile Internet. Today we’ve learned that Facebook tried to buy Snapchat last year for at least $3 billion — that deal was rejected — and that the Motion Picture Association of America is working with Comcast on a way to block the domain names of servers that host pirated content. The Verge has a great write up on that story if you want to learn more.
    Here at RCR, sources are telling us that unfortunately current network architectures make hacks like this increasingly likely. Cisco’s security team has said that if people could drive down the street throwing grenades into our homes we’d never accept that, but we seem to accept the equivalent level of risk in our networks. AT&T’s chief security officer puts it another way. He says that when you look at many current network architectures, the question is not “How could hackers do this?” but “How could they not?”
    That is your Mobile Minute. Our featured employer this week is SBA Network Services. The company is hiring a construction manager to work in Denton, Maryland, a tower climber to work in Columbus Ohio and a territory construction manager to work in Dallas, Texas.
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