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Cable, content, mobile and 5G fixed wireless: The Competitive Landscape – Carrier Wrap Ep. 68

Cable, content, mobile and 5G fixed wireless: The Competitive Landscape – Carrier Wrap Ep. 68

This week on Carrier Wrap, we’re exploring the competitive landscape when it comes to wireless and wired services, including broadband and cable as well as future “5G” fixed wireless services. In general, the industry seems to be seeing more wireline players get into wireless and more wireless players expanding their broadband and content offerings.
We just recently had Verizon confirm that it plans to launch a new streaming service later this summer even as it makes major content deals and progresses on its acquisition of Yahoo/AOL. Verizon has also certainly been talking up its ability to provide broadband access in the context of 5G fixed wireless. Meanwhile, Comcast recently launched its wireless service, Xfinity Mobile.
So what do these moves mean for the competitive position of players like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast — or pureplay wireless companies like T-Mobile US and Sprint — both now, and in the long term?
Joining us for this conversation are two analysts and long-time industry experts: Bill Ho of 556 Ventures and Dan Hayes of PwC.
“The cable sector, specifically Comcast, views that wireless is a necessity for growth opportunities, which is basically upselling their existing customer base — which Xfinity Mobile is targeted to,” said Ho. “And it’s just a toe in the water for wireless. … The short-term is, they have to get into wireless as a means to give their subscribers a less expensive alternative, and a bundled alternative, to just standalone [wireless services].”
Hayes commented, “I think what’s really behind some of these moves is an opportunity to preserve — or at least, slow down — some of the chipping away of the existing revenue streams that cable companies have. Cord-cutting/cable-cutting has been a really big reality for the last few years. ”
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