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Kagan: Synchronoss, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint partner on RCS messaging

The next stage in advanced text messaging is RCS and it has begun. All four major wireless providers in the United States which include AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Sprint have joined forces with Synchronoss Technologies on a new RCS messaging partnership. This joint venture is called the Cross-Carrier Messaging Initiative or CCMI and it will accelerate the delivery of advanced mobile messaging for consumers and business customers.

The CCMI works with Synchronoss and WIT Software offering a compatible Rich Communications Service or RCS for Android devices starting in 2020. I expect this will have a rapid rollout across America as all wireless carriers want the same advantages as their competition.

Synchronoss says, the RCS standard will create a messaging environment which lets companies have a deeper engagement with their customers. This helps build the company brand and the customer relationship with that brand.

This RCS messaging will create a potential for new levels of interaction between business customers or consumers and the wireless carriers they do business with.

Think about it. There has always been a wide variety of companies, just like there are a wide variety of people. Some are much better at making friends and connecting with people than others. This happens with companies as well.

As an example, think of Apple compared to Microsoft. Both are strong technology companies with strong brand names. However, Apple has a much closer and warmer relationship with their customer based compared with Microsoft.

Companies always want to have that Apple-edge. This RCS Messaging platform could help them achieve that edge by giving them the ability to get closer with their customer through personalized messaging.

RCS messaging let’s companies build stronger brand with users

RCS messaging technology let’s companies interact with their customers more directly using their brand with interactive multi-media communications and personal messaging.

Expect this to take many different shapes and styles as it rolls out.

Glenn Lurie, Synchronoss CEO said, that with their WIT Software partner, they have seen on a world-wide basis, how powerful advanced messaging can be in building the brand for wireless carriers.

He says, this is exciting for the wireless industry because this is the beginning of a new and advanced messaging era in the United States.

RCS messaging creates new advanced messaging era

Just like Apple gives users colorful emoji characters to include on their texts, other companies will be able to follow this lead with their own versions, hopefully creating an emotional branding bond with their customers and users. This will take place in a variety of ways.

I expect the quality and depth of RCS messaging to personalize the user relationship with wireless carriers will start the next wave of growth here in the United States and world-wide.

With RCS messaging, this collaboration between Synchronoss, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint will let these companies create more advanced messaging which will be the next step in developing the conversational e-commerce marketplace which we will all use tomorrow.



Jeff Kagan
Jeff Kagan
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