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#TBT: AT&T throttles unlimited data; Verizon cuts 3,000 jobs; New iPad … this week in 2012

AT&T begin throttling unlimited data customers at 3 GB, Verizon closes call centers and Apple launches New iPad … 4 years ago this week

Editor’s Note: RCR Wireless News goes all in for “Throwback Thursdays,” tapping into our archives to resuscitate the top headlines from the past. Fire up the time machine, put on the sepia-tinted shades, set the date for #TBT and enjoy the memories!

AT&T Mobility selects 3 GB as new throttle limit
AT&T Mobility continued its attempts to explain its limiting of network speeds for customers on unlimited data plans noting that it will now limit speeds to those customers once they exceed 3 gigabytes of data transmission in a single billing cycle. This supersedes is previous policy that called for throttling of the top 5% of data users, which in some reported cases seemed to kick in at around 2 GB of data transmission. … Read More

Verizon Wireless to close 3 call centers, 3,000+ jobs impacted
On the same day that the government reported strong job growth in February, Verizon Wireless is reportedly set to close three U.S.-based call centers in a move that could impact 3,175 jobs. According to published reports, Verizon Wireless will be shuttering call centers in Bellevue, Wash.; Houston; and Southfield, Mich., that will impact approximately 2,600 employees. The carrier has said it would encourage those employees impacted to apply for positions at other call centers and would also provide relocation funds to help those that move to new locations. … Read More

Apple unveils New iPad, literally
Apple (AAPL) finally set the record straight on its latest iPad device, with a majority of pre-launch predictions falling flat as usual. The new model, dubbed the “New iPad,” will begin shipping on March 16. Apple’s new tablet device will look very similar on the outside to the current iPad 2 and its predecessor iPad. The device will continue with a 9.7-inch screen and a near identical footprint that is just a touch thicker and a hair heavier. All that talk of different sizes did not come to pass, perhaps a sign of good news for consumers with current devices covered with their favorite cases. … Read More

Samsung and Android maintain solid lead in smartphone market
Almost one in three Americans now uses a smartphone, and 3 out of 4 have at least one mobile device. According to ComScore’s quarterly report on the mobile phone industry, Samsung remains the top handset manufacturer with 25.4% of the market, followed by LG with 19.7% and Motorola with 13.2%. The iPhone 4S helped Apple increase its market share to 12.8% for the three months ended in January, up from 10.8% for the previous three months. LG and Motorola both saw market share declines during the same period. … Read More

LightSquared continues satellite support; Sprint Nextel deal reportedly dead
Perhaps looking for at least some bit of positive news, LightSquared reported that its satellite operations will remain intact despite the dim prospects that it will be bolstered with a terrestrial-based component. LightSquared said that it has extended the “emulation” phase of its current voice and mobile data services that run through its SkyTerra-1 satellite network through the end of 2015, with plans to evaluate an extension of those services as it works on plans for “next generation satellite services.” The Boeing-made SkyTerra-1 satellite was launched in late 2010 from Kazakhstan’s Baikonur Cosmodrome, and suffered an initial glitch in one of its antennas that was quickly remedied. … Read More

Smartphone privacy worries could create opportunities as Apple and Google face Washington
With the iPad 3 already generating a huge media buzz, this is would not be a good time for Apple to see customers reconsider their purchase plans due to concerns about data privacy on mobile devices. So the smartphone and tablet pioneer wasted no time setting up a meeting with Senator Charles Schumer after the New York Democrat asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate reports that some smartphone apps access and store data and photos without the user’s knowledge. … Read More

Verizon Wireless to enter home broadband market with LTE
Verizon Wireless (VZ) looks to be making good on its promise of tapping its LTE deployment to offer home broadband services with the launch of its HomeFusion Broadband offering. The carrier said the service will target locations with a limited selection of home broadband needs, though with a service that itself is somewhat limited. To use the service, consumers will need to purchase a $200 wireless antenna that resembles a metal cylinder mounted outside the home. That antenna will then transmit the LTE signal to an indoor router that will use Wi-Fi to connect up to 20 wireless devices or can be connected to up to four wired connections. … Read More

Game changer: Mobile brings new jobs, fresh funds to gaming industry
As the annual Game Developers’ Conference kicks off in San Francisco this week, the industry will be focusing on mobile as never before. “We’re doubling down in the mobile space,” says Jim Ying, senior VP of publishing at 6waves lolapps, “and we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is.” 6waves lolapps, a leader in games for social media sites, recently purchased mobile games developer Escalation Studios, and now the company is guaranteeing a $100,000 marketing budget to each new game that qualifies to be part of its portfolio. The games publisher says it will post a page on its website with details on how to apply. … Read More

Dish spectrum plans postponed; Clearwire could benefit
The domestic market for wireless spectrum assets narrowed a bit in the short term late last week as the Federal Communications Commission said it would open up a formal debate in regards to Dish Networks’ attempt to use satellite spectrum for a terrestrial cellular network. Dish had wanted the FCC to grant it an immediate license to use 40 megahertz of spectrum assets to begin rolling out an LTE network. … Read More

C Spire unveils LTE plans
C Spire Wireless, formerly known as Cellular South, unveiled plans to begin rolling out LTE services beginning later this year. The carrier said it planned to invest $60 million in providing coverage to 20 Mississippi markets covering 2,700 square miles and approximately 1.2 million potential customers with 360 LTE-enabled cell sites.
The carrier said it expects customers will see download speeds of between 4 megabits and 12 megabits per second, with upload speeds of between 1 Mbps and 5 Mbps. … Read More

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