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Spectrum auctions: Okay for some, but not for others (Analyst Angle)

A recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal by Paul Wolfowitz, former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense and former President of the World Bank, controversially suggests that auctioning spectrum for 5G is detrimental to the U.S. and helps Huawei. While spectrum allocation is an...

Telenor Bulgaria launches 5G network in more than 60 locations

Previously, Telenor Bulgaria had only conducted 5G trials On Thursday, Telenor Bulgaria officially launched its 5G network in more than 60 locations across the country, living up to its previous promise of getting the network up in June. The capital city of Sofia is one of...

Will midband spectrum fend off 5G challenges from LEO satellites?

The first phase of the C Band auction, which involved spectrum between 3.3–4.2 GHz, wrapped up in mid-January, raking in an astounding $80.92 billion in bids, making it the most profitable spectrum auction in history. According to Stealth Communications’ President & CEO Shrihari Pandit, there...

Well, technically… the CBRS auction is a different scenario: Kelly Hill, RCR Wireless News (Ep. 6)

This week's guest is RCR Wireless's very own Executive Editor Kelly Hill. She takes us through some of her CBRS spectrum auction coverage and explains why she thinks video streaming is the best recent technological advancement. Hint: It involves "My Little Pony."

Midband spectrum infusion: 3.45-3.55 GHz will be opened up for 5G

White House and Department of Defense officials have announced plans to commercialize another 100 megahertz of highly desired midband spectrum for terrestrial 5G use, with an auction happening as soon as next year. The airwaves from 3.45 GHz-3.55 GHz are adjacent to the Citizens Broadband...

All bidders finish first in finished Finnish 5G spectrum auction

The Finnish 5G spectrum auction included three 800 megahertz blocks in the 25.1-27.5 GHz range The second Finnish 5G spectrum auction was completed today, with the only bidders being operators Telia, Elisa and Telenor-owned DNA. They all walked away as winners. Today’s auction included three 800...

Auction 103: $3 billion and counting

After 17 rounds of bidding, the Federal Communications Commission's Spectrum Frontiers current auction of millimeter wave spectrum has hit $3 billion in bids. More than 14,100 licenses are up for grabs across three mmWave bands in Auction 103: the upper 37 GHz band (37.6-38.6 GHz), the 39...

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