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Editorial Webinar: Smart Manufacturing and OEE – Transform Your Performance

Technology investments are typically made to solve specific business problems. Smart manufacturing is about more than investments in digital transformation and the attendant technologies. Smart manufacturing, at its core, is about the pursuit of continuous process improvement. Standard KPIs - like OEE - may...

Editorial Report: Weaving a Digital Thread – Integrating Information Flows within and Beyond the Factory Floor

In this report, learn how manufacturing leaders are using digital thread technology to analyze and improve enterprise value streams in near real time. Further, gain insights into how the powerful combination of digital twins--the digital blueprint of machines, controls, and processes--and digital threads can unlock...

As 5G looms, industrials need to embrace the mobile workforce

HANNOVER, Germany--How industrial companies can leverage 5G is an overarching theme at the Hannover Messe trade fair this week. But beyond simply connecting factories with the latest and greatest in cellular, there's a more fundamental underlying shift that's potentially just as important as the...

Case Study: Shell, Rockwell make oil and gas production smart

The need for an oil and gas solution Oil and gas producers are doing everything they can to grind through a period of historically low per barrel oil prices. The period has stretched on for more than a year now, with per barrel prices getting...

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