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Architectural principles for enabling edge applications in 3GPP standards

The 3GPP has defined an enabling layer to facilitate communication between the Application Clients and the Edge Application Servers The latest iterations of 3GPP standards have placed added emphasis on support for edge computing, a distributed computing framework that brings computation and data storage...

5G-Advanced to be launched in 2025: ABI Research

5G-Advanced will bring new enhancements to mobile network capabilities and use case-based support to help carriers with 5G commercialization Some 75% of 5G base stations will be upgraded to 5G-Advanced by 2030, five years after the estimated commercial launch, according to a report by global...

What is low-power wake-up signal (WUS)?

The wake-up signal was first introduced in 3GPP Release 15 In 3GPP Release 15, a paging signal sent over the physical downlink shared channel (PDSCH) that “wakes up” a user device from an idle state so that can prepare to receive data was first introduced....

Qualcomm Webinar: Setting off the 5G Advanced evolution with 3GPP Release 18

 In early December, 3GPP has reached a consensus on the scope of 5G NR Release 18. This is a significant milestone marking the beginning of 5G Advanced — the second wave of wireless innovations that will fulfill the 5G vision. Release 18 will build on...

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