Vodafone, Google Cloud continue modernization efforts with AI Booster

Vodafone and Google Cloud announced AI Booster, a new machine learning platform Vodafone will use to improve customer experience.

Hybrid cloud and AI will drive tech’s evolution – IBM CEO

Hybrid cloud and AI will drive the next wave of technology and productivity, says IBM CEO Arvind Krishna.

Nvidia focuses on data centers with new ‘superchip,’ A100 offerings

Nvidia is focusing on improved data center processing power and efficiency with new "superchip" server reference designs and liquid cooling.

Smarter than the average ‘G’: The role of AI/ML in 6G systems

Future 6G systems are already coming into focus through research and early development, and one of the most exciting aspects is the role that artificial intelligence will play in the next generation of cellular systems.   First, a note on artificial intelligence versus machine learning....

Nvidia’s AI-driven future now on display

Nvidia sees itself as a full-stack purveyor of platforms, solutions and technology built around AI. Will developers bite?

How Nvidia’s Hopper powers AI innovation – CEO

Nvidia's new Hopper chip is designed to solve problems that have stumped its A100 series, said CEO Jensen Huang.

BT picks Google Cloud for digital transformation

BT and Google have announced a five-year partnership that will see BT leaning on Google Cloud technology to help its digital transformation.

5G mmWave: Intelligent deployment, mobility enhancements, spectrum sharing

Qualcomm working to help operators simplify 5G mmWave planning and deployment while optimizing performance Operators are using mmWave spectrum today to deliver multi-Gbps experiences, “But its role will expand as we pave the way to the future of 5G and beyond,” according to Qualcomm Technologies’...

Nvidia reports record Q4, FY21 revenue on strong data center growth

Nvidia's data center business set Q4 and FY21 records, driven by strong uptake of Nvidia's AI hardware and Ampere chip architecture.

Qualcomm Webinar: Setting off the 5G Advanced evolution with 3GPP Release 18

 In early December, 3GPP has reached a consensus on the scope of 5G NR Release 18. This is a significant milestone marking the beginning of 5G Advanced — the second wave of wireless innovations that will fulfill the 5G vision. Release 18 will build on...

Tupl CEO: ‘The role of automation is paramount’

Using artificial intelligence and big data, Tupl is helping CSPs strengthen their core business For communications service providers (CSPs), 5G simultaneously presents an extraordinary opportunity and an extraordinary challenge. The opportunity is to enable the digitalization of industry at a scope never seen before. The...

Overhauling network deployment: The 5G era requires intelligent, data-driven rollout procedures

Network deployment was once based on a series of manual and sequential phases such as design, engineering, installation and acceptance. However, the introduction of 5G and cloud-based solutions like network virtualization has increased the complexity of network deployment, and as a result, the end-to-end...

For 5G to enable IoT ecosystems, solution co-creation is key

In addition to vendors working more closely with vertical industries, complex tasks will continue to require AI and human dexterity interaction 5G is ushering in a new era of consumer and business use cases from augmented reality and cloud gaming to simply replacing wired broadband...

Nokia Webinar: AI as a service on public cloud to accelerate digital transformation for 5G.

As networks become increasingly complex and costly to operate, communications service providers (CSPs) around the world are looking for ways to efficiently manage their networks. Automation harnessing the power of Artificial intelligence (AI) is a clear choice. But scalability and flexibility of solutions remain...

You’ve opened your RAN, now what? Phase 2 of Open RAN: Automation (Reader Forum)

2020 was the year Open RAN became mainstream. As more operators started to trial and deploy the technology across the globe and as more radio, server, and software vendors joined the ecosystem, it became apparent that disaggregation of previously tightly coupled radio, hardware, and...

Editorial Webinar: AI- and ML-based network automation: What’s the promise and what’s the reality?

As 5G continues its evolution toward broad digital enablement of the enterprise, the proliferation of artificial intelligence and machine learning in networks will be a crucial part of service providers’ strategies. For infrastructure, increasingly automated deployment, configuration and management accelerates time-to-revenue as closed technology...

Altran White Paper: 5G Network Operations

To manage such highly scalable and recursively sliced 5G networks and to maintain the customer QoE and SLAs in real time, the OSS systems managing the operations must be autonomous and self driven. It should be AI/ML based and must support cognitive algorithms for...

How 5G will Transform the Workforce With Kevin Shatzkamer

Listen to the podcast here: Talk about 5G is everywhere. But usually the conversation is about the challenges of building the network. Or it’s about the faster speeds, lower latency, and better devices. But thinking about 5G as “just another access technology” is a...

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