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Six AI-driven ideas to boost Asset Performance Management (Reader Forum)

As industrial companies continue to undertake large scale digital transformation initiatives, one of the areas that is constantly under the scanner is the performance of their most critical assets and equipment. It is difficult to overstate the impact from the unexpected breakdown of a...

Digital Industry Solutions Editorial Report: Digital Thread and Digital Twin –Translate Data into Business Value

Digital threads and digital twins are the foundation stones for digital transformation. In manufacturing, they enable ways to assess processes and products in a virtual environment – without the need for physical iterations, and with huge impacts in terms of cost, efficiency, productivity, and...

Qualcomm President outlines the future of 5G for consumers

5G will create a paradigm wherein every person has a digital twin Speaking with the Wall Street Journal in a recent podcast, Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon laid out how he sees 5G enabling a variety of new consumer-facing experiences marked by higher data speeds, reduced...

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