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Nvidia explains Icera acquisition and talks Kal-El

NVIDIA’s Icera acquisition was not about integration was not about integrating baseband onto the processor chipbut about doubling the firm’s opportunity market wise, according to Mike Rayfield, the firm’s general manager of mobile. Speaking to RCR at Computex in Taipei, Taiwan, Rayfield said the purchase...

AT&T scouts Taiwan for new handsets, innovation

While Taiwan is clearly an important country to chip and device makers, US carriers look to the island for innovation too, with AT&T scouting the computex show in Taipei earlier this month for new phones to add to its network. “At AT&T we’re looking for...

AT&T scouts Taiwan for new handsets, innovation

While Taiwan is clearly an important country to chip and device makers, US carriers look to the island for innovation too, with AT&T scouting the computex show in Taipei earlier this month for new phones to add to its network. “At AT&T we’re looking for...

Android business model is fluffy says Freescale rep

Microsoft’s business model for next generation Windows may be better suited to the mobile industry than Google’s strategy for Android, according to Glen Burchers, director of Freescale’s global consumer industrial segment marketing.

Google opening labs in Taiwan

Google’s senior vice president for Chrome, Sundar Pichai, said his firm would not have made the progress it had with its Chromebooks and ultraportables had it not been for the remarkable Taiwanese ecosystem. In a hat tip to the country which has given Google so...

Computex 2011: C-Media takes cell phone noise cancellation to new levels

Audio appears to be becoming a burgeoning trend in the mobile industry, and at Computex 2011, the vendors were out in force to showcase how best to bring the beats to cell phones. Local Taiwanese company C-Media, widely known for its audio-playback hardware for PC...

Computex 2011: Chinmore Industry shows off its antennas

TAIPEI, Taiwan - While Computex may famously be the most famous computer show of the IT industry, the world of wireless is certainly having an effect on the Taipei trade show. Nothing says wireless more than antennas, of which a plethora were to be...

Computex 2011: Asus PadPhone to sport Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Taipei, Taiwan - The upcoming PadPhone from Asus will sport Google's Android Ice Cream Sandwich, RCR discovered at Computex this week. Asustek's tablet/phone combo - which allows consumers to use one SIM for two devices by allowing the smartphone to dock at the back of an...

Computex 2011: Android Pin craze hits Taipei

Taipei, Taiwan - For many, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was about one thing and one thing only - Android collectible pins.

Microsoft begins tablet fight-back with Windows 8

Microsoft, impeccably timed bunch that they are, held two Windows 8 first-look events within hours of one another on different sides of the globe. First, Windows President Steven Sinofsky took the stage at the D9 conference in California to unveil the new OS, then just a few hours later Microsoft held a partner preview at Computex in Taipei.

Computex 2011: Intel creates new mobile category, the UltraBook

Taipei, Taiwan - Intel has invented a new category of mobile computers it is calling the “Ultrabook” the firm revealed at Computex on Tuesday. The company said it was also accelerating its Atom processor roadmap to a one-process-generation per year cadence. Speaking publicly at Computex...

Hot rumor: Intel interested in buying Texas Instruments’ OMAP unit?

Intel is considering buying Texas Instruments’ OMAP division according to a highly placed executive at another fabless semiconductor firm.

Computex 2011: Taiwanese Bon Jovi iPad cover band

Journalists at ARM's Computex press conference were in for a musical treat on Monday, in the form of a Taiwanese boy band using iPads as instruments.

Computex 2011: Tegra 3 not quite panning out as hoped

Taipei, Taiwan - Rumor on the showfloor has it that while Nvidia's Tegra 2 virtually cleared up in terms of design wins, Tegra 3 might not have the same luck.

Computex 2011: Qualcomm confuses journalists with MeeGo logo

Qualcomm managed to confuse and confuddle press at its Computex briefing on Monday, as the firm displayed slides showing MeeGo logos alongside other “supported OSes”.

ASUS looking to resuscitate Netbook market with ultra-low cost X101

The annual Computex trade show is well underway in Taipei, and local manufacturer ASUS have been showing off their newest creations. While many device makers have been moving away from Netbooks, the diminutive laptops that took the world by storm a few years ago in favour of smart devices and tablets, ASUS are sticking to their guns.

Computex 2011: MasterImage 3D launches dev board based on TI’s OMAP 4

3D mobile technology is about to get a very big boost on Monday, as chip maker Texas Instruments (TI) confirmed it would be partnering with MasterImage 3D on a development board which could be used to build glasses free apps, UIs and content for mobile devices.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich optimized for Texas Instruments

While Google worked closely with Nvidia on its Gingerbread and HoneyComb versions of Android, Texas Instruments (TI) is the software firm's latest best buddy when it comes to Ice Cream Sandwich, with Qualcomm rumored to be on the BFF list once Jelo comes around.

Computex 2011 – Microsoft’s last kick at the tablet can?

On the afternoon of June 1st, Microsoft VP Steve Guggenheimer will take the stage for a Windows lovefest where it’s rumored we’ll see the first glimpse of the company’s upcoming Windows 8 operating system (OS) running on tablets.

Intel to unveil 10 new Atom tablets at Computex

“I’ll take your iPad and raise you 10” – seems to be Intel Corp.’s message to tablet hungry consumers, as the firm readies itself for the launch of almost a dozen new devices running on its own Atom chips at Computex, Taipei.

Intel's tablet offerings on display

Intel certainly doesn’t want to be left sitting on the bench when it comes to the tablet game, and used the recent Computex expo in Taiwan to show what skills it brought to the table.

E-shopping courtesy of Intel

Computex Taipei is the not only the place to see current and future trends in the IT industry, but possibly also the place where trends and trendy combine, especially in terms of hi-tech shopping.

Computex: photos from the show floor

This was Computex Taipei's 30th anniversary year and all the tech stops were pulled out. True, it was more Tablet-ex than Computex, but there was plenty to see and innovation still abounded.

Booth babes galore at Computex Taipei

It wasn't just the tech that drew the crowds at Computex Taipei this year, with many coming from far and wide to admire the bevy of beautiful booth babes adorning vendor stands.

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