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Simplifying Kubernetes for telcos and cloud app developers

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) announced new initiatives this week to make Kubernetes safer and easier for telcos to use.

Kagan: Dish has unique, one-time opportunity entering 5G wireless

A couple years ago T-Mobile US acquired Sprint with the help of Dish Network who wanted to get into wireless themselves. Word was, Dish was going to become the fourth largest wireless provider. We expected to see them rapidly building 5G throughout the country,...

What is an rApp? Network automation fundamentals

An rApp is a software application that helps optimize network traffic. It's part of the Open RAN architecture.

VNFs vs. CNFs for telco cloud operations

Telco cloud operations require separate strategies for Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) and Cloud Native Functions (CNFs).

StarlingX: Open-source software at the cutting edge (Sponsored)

Just as the evolution of the smart phone was enabled by the transition from 3G to 4G, use cases for connected devices will evolve with 5G. There will be connected appliances, connected cars, connected factories and even connected cities that will each require the...

What is a Cloud native Network Function?

A cloud native network function (CNF) replaces a physical device connected to the network with interconnected apps called microservices.

Overcoming crucial barriers to cloud adoption in the telecommunications sector (Reader Forum)

The most significant role of telecommunications companies is keeping people connected: keeping companies in touch with clients globally, keeping colleagues in sync while working from home, and keeping relatives in contact. During the COVID-19 crisis, this role has become even more evident and crucial....

Samsung to deliver 5G network solutions built on Red Hat’s cloud portfolio

Samsung’s 5G vRAN, virtual core, MEC, and management and analytics will be central to the collaboration Samsung will deliver 5G network solutions built on Red Hat's hybrid cloud portfolio, including Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat OpenStack Platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and Red Hat...

Editorial Webinar: IT/OT Convergence in the 5G Era

Getting to the 5G future requires much more than just upgrading existing networks. Operators need a cohesive roadmap for moving to a virtualized, software-defined infrastructure. Operational excellence will be hinged on OSS/BSS transformation to take advantage of automation and real-time data analysis. To translate those...

Editorial Report: OT/IT Convergence in the 5G Era

    The vision of 5G is cloud-native networks automatically delivering capacity on-demand. The reality, however, is that most operators are taking an incremental approach to cloudification and trying to understand where to direct capex given the need for holistic modernization in addition to...

Introducing the 5G core network functions (Reader Forum)

In the evolution of next generation mobile architectures, much of the focus is understandably on 5G New Radio – primarily, how much faster it will be than today’s 4G access and what kind of bandwidth-intensive services can be supported because of that. But deeper...

Verizon: ‘A glimpse of the future’ in cloud-native EPC trial with Ericsson

In Hillsboro, Oregon, Verizon is running a trial that it says is both an industry first and a glimpse of its network's future: a fully cloud-native, container-based element of its Evolved Packet Core, operating on its live network and serving customers. The proof-of-concept trial with...

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