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What is the monetizable mmWave mobility use case?

mmWave 5G was the subject of some industry skepticism in its earlier days, particularly around the ability to support mobility use cases and the sheer economics of densification required to provide a workable degree of coverage. mmWave has since been the subject of significant...

Mobilizing the future of 5G with no-code orchestration (Reader Forum)

5G holds promises we never imagined for our personal and professional lives. Through ultra-low latency, higher speeds, and ability to partition, or slice, network resources, businesses and industries are changing the way they operate and now how we live. And, of course, Telcos are...

Orange France selects Ericsson’s 5G converged charging solution

Orange previously said it was planning to introduce 5G Standalone (SA) services for the general public in 2023 Ericsson and Orange France have signed a five-year agreement which will make Ericsson Charging the strategic monetization platform for Orange France’s 5G subscribers. The cloud-native Ericsson Charging solution...

Amdocs opens 5G experience lab in Dallas

Amdocs had previously announced the expansion of its 5G Value Plane offerings Amdocs has opened its new Americas 5G Experience Lab in Dallas, Texas. In a release, Amdocs said that the new 5G lab will enable organizations to create innovative services leveraging the power of 5G...

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