NFV/SDN Reality Check: Episode 4

    IEEE tackles SDN

    With the upcoming Mobile World Congress event just around the corner, we here at RCR Wireless News figured it would be a great time to bring on some expert analysis to look at what we can expect to see in terms of network virtualization, NFV and SDN related news coming from the show.
    Providing that expert analysis was Dan Hays, principal and U.S. mobile services advisory leader at consultant firm PwC. Hays discussed what he expects to see from the network function virtualization and software-defined networking space at the MWC show. Hays also provided some insight into some of the concerns and questions PwC clients are bringing to the firm in terms of how they are approaching moves towards network virtualization.
    Oracle on NFV
    A large player in the network virtualization space is Oracle, which has a long history of supporting the computing and networking needs of the telecom industry. Oracle recently unveiled its Network Service Orchestration Solution, targeting one of the greater challenges facing mobile network operators as they make plans toward virtualizing parts of their operations using network function virtualization and software-defined networking technology.
    As part of that launch, RCR Wireless News spoke with Barry Hill, global head of NFV at Oracle, to discuss how the company views new entrants into the NFV space, the growing importance of active orchestration, the move towards what he termed NFV 2.0, and the industry heading towards the next evolution of NFV.
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