Mobile Midday News: Episode 111


    Mobile Midday News: Episode 111
    December 10, 2014


    • The IEEE Globecom show has a lot of interesting industry players showcasing the latest technology. RCR reporter Joey Jackson had the chance to get a hands on look at AT&T and GM’s latest connected car project.
    • National instruments has unveiled it’s updated LabVIEW Communications System Design Suite. The new product is designed to for prototyping 5G. Experts believe 5G will be deployed commercially in 2020.
    • T-Mobile US is keeping the pressure on its rivals with a new family plan that offers up unlimited LTE data. The company said that starting today, multi-line customers can sign up for a new family plan that includes unlimited data starting at $100 per month for two lines.
    • The Federal Communication Commission’s ongoing broadband spectrum auction picked up some $1.3 billion dollars over the last two days of bidding. After 73 rounds, total potential winning bids stand at $42.8 billion. The most expensive license, J-Block, covers the New York City area; the current potential winning bid is for $2.76 billion