How it works: OSS and BSS


    Operations support systems and business support systems are the links that connect one end of a network to the other and allow service providers to break down complex information and combine it into one neat package for the end user .
    In this edition of “How it works,” Ray Bariso, VP of Business and Operations Solutions at Ericsson gives an in-depth look at how OSS/BSS works.
    Bariso says OSS and BSS are the lifeblood that brings technology and customer experience together.

    “It’s the back office and front office systems that all the communication service providers use to connect the end customer to the network and all of the content in between,” he says.

    Through analytics, cloud computing, virtualized networks and software-defined networking the systems are able to bring the technologies of the future such as connected car, “Internet of Things” and M2M together. It gives the end customer the ability to choose which technologies in the network they want to use and how they want to be billed and charged for them in real time.

    “All of these technologies are brining lots of different parties together to provide and end service or end solution together for the end customer,” Bariso explains. “That requires a lot of systems, systems integration, business process work etc. to make all new ecosystems and all-new business processes of the world to work and come together.”

    With all the changes in technology over the last few years, OSS and BSS have become the foundation of that new ecosystem. In the end, Bariso says it is what gives value to all the technology in the network, allowing network operators to see a return on their investment.

    Bariso says, “You can invest billions and billion of dollars in the best network technology, but to get that technology to a customer…so that it’s usable and you can bill them for (it) and they can upgrade and…make the technology work for their business or personal life or their social network, you have to do that with information technology systems and that’s where OSS and BSS comes in.”

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