Gigs: Women in wireless


    If you go to a telecommunications trade show or another event for telecom professionals, you will probably notice the majority of the people that you will see are men.

    But even though men are still the majority in the industry, there are many women in wireless that play key roles in high profile companies, and those numbers are growing.

    Many companies are now making it a priority to bring more females into the industry.

    One of the key issues that is being addressed is that women have not been encouraged to pursue math and science early in life.

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    There are now many initiatives that are reaching out to young women to encourage them to pursue careers in engineering and other technical professions.

    In her more than 22 years in the high technology field, Pinder Chauhan, Director of Global Technical Support at CommScope, has had her hand in many different aspects of the field from research and development to product line management and has now risen to overseeing CommScope’s technical support team in charge of DAS.

    In this edition of “Gigs,” Chauhan explains what her job entails and tell us about how she rose up the ranks in the industry. She also talks about an initiative that she is a part of designed to inspire young women to pursue telecom related studies and outlines what steps she thinks should be taken to bring more women into the industry.