NFV/SDN Reality Check – Episode 11: The shifting service orchestration landscape


    On this week’s NFV/SDN Reality Check we spoke with Frank Yue, senior technical marketing manager at F5, to garner insight into the importance and challenges facing NFV service orchestration for telecom operators. This has become an important topic as telecom operators continue to look towards virtualization to streamline operations while at the same time needing to support legacy operations. Further adding difficulty to the service orchestration process are the strict demands needed by telecom operators compared with data centers and IT operations.
    In addition, Yue touched on challenges he sees facing the market in terms of bringing NFV service orchestration to market as well as his view on how well ecosystem partners are working together in order to ensure NFV service orchestration platforms meet telecom operator requirements.
    RCR Wireless News also spoke with Nabil Souli, CEO at Ubiqube, to get his opinion on why the enterprise market has been the main focus for vendors and telecom operators for initial NFV and SDN deployments, as well as insight into the challenges facing telecom operators when it comes to making a business case for the deployment of virtualization.
    That full interview, including details on Ubiqube’s recent work on a network virtualization trial with Orange, how telecom operators are reacting differently to NFV and SDN, and interoperability challenges can be seen on the RCRtv site here.