IoT in Action | Episode 5 | Bosch Connected World sensor demos


    Before discussing the demos at Bosch Connected World in Chicago, we highlight a few key takeaways from the event:
    Bosch and GE announce interoperability:
    How enterprises can leverage digitization:
    FedEx uses SenseAware for optimized supply chain:
    The Bosch demos show a diverse set of use cases for using sensors in industrial parts. Jimbo Poehler, solution architect IoT at Bosch, spoke about their partnership with Mercury Marine and the VesselView mobile application. Mercury provided a sensors solution, the “computer in a box,” so boaters can use a single solution instead of putting a number of individual sensors into a boat. The computer in a box links with Bosch’s software to show performance and fault metrics onto a smartphone or tablet.
    Eddie Baur, engineering manager at Bosch showed of Bosch’s Apas workstation, complete with a series of sensors embedded in its frame. The robots can use a number of different commands, for example, pick-and-play topics can be used for repetitive jobs. The device’s skin is filled with capacitive sensors so it stops working before touching it is touched, for added convenience and safety.