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5G NR Fundamentals

drive testing mdt

What is Minimization of Drive Tests (MDT) in 5G?

The MDT solution taps user equipment (UE) to collect field measurements Introduced in 3GPP Rel-10, Minimization of Drive Test (MDT) is a standardized mechanism designed...
5G Amdocs

What is 5G ENDC?

ENDC has been described as a bridge between 4G LTE and 5G cellular technologies ENDC, or E-UTRAN New Radio - Dual Connectivity, is a Non-Standalone...
proximity based services

What 5G proximity based services are in Release 17?

Proximity Services (ProSe), first introduced in Release 12 of the 3GPP specifications, is a D2D (Device-to-Device) technology that allows LTE devices to detect each...
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What 5G NR positioning enhancements are in in Rel-17?

Cellular positioning was first introduced in the mid-nineties to meet regulatory requirements of emergency call positioning; since then, the possibilities for this feature have...
satellite network 5G NTN

Four types of challenges for 5G non-terrestrial networks

One of the new capabilities that is being introduced in 5G is integration of terrestrial networks with non-terrestrial networks (NTN), whether those are High-altitude...
5G tower power

Three 5G power-saving aspects of Release 17

As the 5G standard continues to evolve, one of the important aspects for increased sustainability, as well as prolonging device battery life, is power...
IoT Non-Terrestrian Networks

Seven use cases for 5G NR over non-terrestrial networks

5G is becomes more broadly deployed across the planet, but the technology may also eventually end up in the skies. 3GPP has established, and...

What 5G NR coverage enhancements are in Release 17?

Coverage performance is key for mobile operators when commercializing 5G New Radio (NR) networks. Compared with LTE systems, NR systems operate at higher frequency...
5G Bell

What is 5G Broadcast/Multicast?

Rohde & Schwarz and Qualcomm will demonstrate the technology at CABSAT conference in May One of the use cases being explored for 5G systems is...
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What is mTRP for eMBB?

mTRP for eMBB is a MIMO technique that will help 5G mmWave deployments deliver predictable 5G broadband service at scale.
5G Telefonica

What is 5G NR sidelink relay?

According to 5G Americas, NR sidelink relay is the use of device-to-device communication as a way to extend the network coverage outside the area...
5G Amdocs

What is further enhanced MIMO (FeMIMO)?

Qualcomm noted that further enhanced massive MIMO was one of the key areas of improvement in Rel-17 According to a report by Ericsson, Rel-17 MIMO...
5G enterprise smart city

Why is beam management key to 5G?

5G New Radio (NR)'s massive MIMO and beam management support are both essential to 5G mmWave carrier deployment strategies.
multimedia priority service

What is the 5G multimedia priority service (MPS)?

Multimedia priority service (MPS) allows priority access to system resources to Service Users, creating the ability to deliver or complete sessions of a high...
5G India

What are non-public networks in 3GPP parlance? 

Non-Public Networks (NPNs) are 3GPP's term of art for private networks: "NPNs enable deployment of a 5G system for private use."

How is 3GPP approaching 5G-enabled unmanned aerial systems?

As 5G use cases have evolved, new studies and new features are needed for the safe operation of UAVs, 3GPP said Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)...
What is Multi-SIM?

What is Multi-SIM?

Multi-SIM devices enable use of multiple subscriptions, potentially for different networks, in one device Multi-SIM is a type of service offered by mobile carriers for...

What is 5G Integrated Access and Backhaul (IAB)?

Integrated Access and Backhaul provides scalable and easily-migrated wireless backhaul in 5G mmWave deployments.
Release 17

What is the timeline for 3GPP Release 17?

Release 17 completion dates were initially expected in 2021 but the process was delayed due to the pandemic Together with enhancements aimed at existing use...
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What is mTRP for URLLC?

3GPP Release 17 unlocks better Multiple Transmission and Reception Point (mTRP) performance for low-latency and high-bandwidth 5G services.

What is 5G RAN slicing?

5G RAN slicing is part of an edge-to-edge (E2E) network slicing strategy to guarantee predictable Quality of Service (QoS).

What 5G location services improvements are in Release 17?

‘Enhancement to the 5GC location services’, included in Release 17, aims to provide support for very low latency and very high accuracy positioning According to...
5G Telefonica

What is 5G NR Light?

The 5G NR Light term is standardized to 5G RedCap NR in most 3GPP documentation While 5G Release 16 introduced 5G NR (5G New Radio)...
5G VoNR cellphone mobile wireless carrier

What is 5G VoNR?

The move to a cloud-native core enables 5G VoNR services While most current 5G network deployments are in the Non-Standalone mode of operation wherein 5G...

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