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Well, technically… carriers need to plan, plan again and then plan some more: Clearfield’s Cheri Beranek (Ep. 79)

Clearfield's CEO Cheri Beranek discusses how ongoing supply-chain constraints are impacting the fiber industry and explores to what extent federal funding will help address this and other challenges related to building out fiber assets and closing the digital divide.

Well, technically… the 5G era has little to do with smartphones: Matrixx Software’s Jennifer Kyriakakis (Ep.77)

Jennifer Kyriakakis, the founder & CMO of Matrixx Software, defines the modern telco and lays out why 5G is a catalyst for the changes they are undergoing. She also explains why things like cloud-native and agnostic architecture should be at the heart of this...

Well, technically… smart city data is exciting, but it’s also risky: Ubicquia’s Heather Ritchie (Ep. 76)

On this episode, Heather Ritchie, the chief marketing officer at Ubicquia, uses specific smart city projects around the world as examples of the benefits, and the considerations, such initiatives can bring. She also discusses how recent developments, like COVID-19 and 5G, have finally gotten many smart city efforts out of "project purgatory."

Well, technically… there’s a lot that we need to reevaluate in a 5G world (Ep. 75): Cradlepoint’s Donna Johnson

This week's guest, Donna Johnson, the SVP of Marketing at Cradlepoint, discusses the evolution of SD-WAN over the years and how it is adapting to support 5G networks. She also details the progress of private cellular networks and the importance of having empathy in...

Well, technically… technology companies must evolve to tackle new problems: GenCell Energy’s Shelli Zargary (Ep. 74)

GenCell Energy's Marketing Content and Strategy Manager Shelli Zargary discusses the evolution of the company's fuel cell solutions.

Well, technically… when network traffic changes, so must the architecture: Ciena’s Gina Nienaber (Ep. 72)

As network operators continue the shift to 5G and as they look for ways to bring the network closer to their customers, a call for simplifying network management has been issued. Gina Nienaber, the director of Product Marketing, Routing and Switching Portfolio at Ciena,...

Well, technically… more and more devices are adopting NFC technology: NFC Forum’s Preeti Ohri Khemani  (Ep. 71)

On this episode, Preeti delves into the possible use cases for NFC, or Near Field Communication, that go beyond the well-know tap-to-pay.

Well, technically… climate action should be mainstream in business: STL’s Akanksha Sharma (Ep. 70)

Akanksha Sharma, the global head ESG of Sustainability, Social Impact, Governance & Policy at Sterlite Technologies Limited (STL), details the company's sustainability goals

Well, technically… the pandemic revealed how small our world truly is: Twilio’s Rebecca Thompson (Ep. 69)

Twilio's Head of Communications Policy discusses the importance of having a global business outlook even if you're not a global company.

Well, technically… when it comes to Open RAN, many are barking up the wrong tree: Parallel Wireless’ Eugina Jordan (Ep. 68)

Eugina Jordan, the VP of of marketing at Parallel Wireless, comes on the podcast to provide a few reality checks about Open RAN and poses some questions of her own.

Well, technically… In 5G testing, you must balance accuracy with efficiency: Infovista’s Jaana Tengman (Ep. 67)

5G networks will result in more data, and so testing needs to be more efficient. But at the same time, 5G networks will have critical applications running on them, and so testing also has to be more accurate. Jaana Tengman, director of Product Management at Infovista, comes on the podcast to discuss this test & measurement balancing act in more detail, as well as how things like automation are helping.

Well, technically… it’s the most exciting time to be in telecom: Fujitsu Network Communications’ Rhonda Holloway (Ep. 66)

Rhonda Holloway, Fujitsu Network Communications' director of Network Automation Solutions Marketing comes on the podcast to reveal how enterprise and business digitalization has changed and accelerated in the COVID era.

Well, technically… the answer is somewhere in the middle (Ep. 65): Dell’Oro Group’s Tam Dell’Oro

Founder and CEO of Dell’Oro Group Tam Dell’Oro provides insight into the ongoing supply-chain constraints impacting the entire technology industry and weighs in on when we can expect things to go back to normal.

Well, technically… Businesses need cost-effective wide, deep and diverse optical routes: Arelion’s Sumita Gupta Sharma (Ep. 64)

Sumita Gupta Sharma, head of Transmission Networks at Arelion (formerly Telia Carrier) speaks to the company’s name change and ambitions around disaggregating its optical networks. She also describes the need for more direct optical routes around the globe.

Well, technically… Optical networks have had to evolve to keep up with data demands: Infinera’s Teresa Monteiro (Ep. 63)

Teresa Monteiro, Infinera’s director of Solution Marketing, Software and Automation, discusses the benefits and challenges of disaggregated optical networks, how the increase in traffic is impacting these networks, and also, why she believes everyone should have a basic science education.

Well, technically… soon call bots will know you’re cursing at them: IntelePeer’s Cora Brito (Ep. 62)

Cora Brito, application support manager at IntelePeer, teaches me all about CPaaS and voice-automated AI. We also discuss the controversial topic of call bots. Are they just infuriating or are they also helpful?

Well, technically… the internet is fundamentally broken: Althea’s Deborah Simpier (Ep. 61)

Deborah Simpier, CEO at Althea, a networking company, comes on the podcast to explain how the company's blockchain/LTE solution offers a different approach to a distributed network, and why the current internet business model doesn't work for everyone.

Well, technically… telcos can only grow by moving into the enterprise: IBM’s Marisa Viveros (Ep. 60)

On this episode, Marisa Viveros, vice president of Strategy & Offerings for the Telecom, Media and Entertainment Industry at IBM defines the IBM telco cloud network ecosystem, delves into the specifics of the company's recent cloud partnerships with Verizon and Telefonica and explains how...

Well, technically… cybersecurity needs diversity: Tanium’s Shannon Rosales Mirani (Ep. 59)

Shannon Rosales Mirani, senior human resources business partner for global sales at Tanium, comes on the podcast to discuss how prioritizing diversity and equity helps the company to grow and innovate.

Well, technically… CSPs need to move beyond connectivity to monetize 5G: Oracle’s Chantel Cary (Ep. 58)

According to Oracle's Director of Product Marketing Chantel Cary, there are still more questions than answers around how to best monetize 5G. Listen to this week's episode to discover how the company is helping CSPs tackle this reality.

Well, technically… cloud is ground zero in distributed networking: Extreme Networks’ Carla Guzzetti (Ep. 57)

Carla Guzzetti, VP of customer experience at Extreme Networks explains what distributed networking is, why it's something you should care about and what it has to do with the concept of the infinite enterprise. She also uses her own experience as a podcast host...

Well, technically… CBRS spectrum has ushered in an entire industry of private networks: Innovate5G’s Rashmi Varma (Ep. 56)

Innovate5G’s President and CTO Rashmi Varma shares the company’s 5G efforts and vision and offers a deep dive into why making technology and innovation more accessible has been at the heart of her work.

Well, technically… 5G is an ecosystem play, not an ego-system play: Ericsson’s Cecilia Atterwall and Sibel Bahadir (Ep. 55)

By mid-2021, roughly 170 service providers had launched 5G networks, adding 1 million subscribers per day. 5G's growing adoption is exciting, but it also requires a new approach to network design, deployment and management. On this week's episode, Ericsson's Cecilia Atterwall and Sibel Bahadir...

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