Non-real time RIC vs. near-real time RIC

The RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) is an essential part of the Open RAN architecture, operate in near real time and non real time.

What is an xApp? Network automation fundamentals

An xApp is software running on a near-real time Radio Access Network (RAN) Intelligent Controller (RIC) which enhances spectrum efficiency.

European carriers urge EU to further support O-RAN

A new report, published by European carriers Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefónica, TIM and Vodafone, and based on findings from research firm Analysys Mason, called upon policymakers, EU member states, and industry stakeholders to collaborate and urgently prioritize Open Radio Access Network (Open RAN). “Open, intelligent,...

What is an rApp? Network automation fundamentals

An rApp is a software application that helps optimize network traffic. It's part of the Open RAN architecture.

Ericsson debuts Intelligent Automation Platform

Ericsson's dips into Open RAN disaggregation efforts with Intelligent Automation Platform, promising optimized 4G and 5G network traffic.

Samsung, Orange to collaborate in the latter’s O-RAN facility in France

Korean company Samsung Electronics announced it will be one of the first vendors to participate in the opening of Orange’s Open RAN Integration Center in Paris, France. As part of the agreement, the two companies will collaborate to disaggregate the hardware and software elements of...

Germany announces $344 million fund for O-RAN projects

Germany’s Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure said it will provide 300 million euros ($344 million) in funding to develop and test Open RAN (O-RAN) technology in the country. In a release, the ministry said its aim is to advance the development and testing...

Orange opens O-RAN facility In France

French operator Orange has officially inaugurated its Open RAN Integration Center, the telco said in a release. The new testing and integration facility will enable companies from the O-RAN ecosystem to test and validate their products and services. Orange’s O-RAN facility is located at Orange Gardens...

Open RAN enables innovation and flexibility for future networks (Reader Forum)

For the last four decades, the wireless industry has been on its quest for enhancements in wireless networks and services. The RAN architecture has been opened in standardization for some time, but de facto interpretation and missing pieces have raised the stakes in the...

Qualcomm, NEC to develop 5G open and virtualized solutions

Qualcomm and NEC want to 'drive the transition towards modern networks' by simplifying deployments and lowering the total cost of ownership Qualcomm Technologies and NEC last week announced that they are jointly developing a 5G open and virtualized distributed unit (DU). Powered by the Qualcomm...

JMA Wireless, Kyocera partner to accelerate 5G deployment in Japan

U.S. provider of wireless technology JMA Wireless and Japanese company Kyocera Corporation announced an agreement to jointly develop a 5G millimeter-wave (mmWave) backhaul system. Leveraging Kyocera’s wireless base station technology and JMA’s XRAN, the new system will accelerate 5G network deployment across Japan. Kyocera and...

What is a RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC)?

A RAN Intelligent Controller is cloud software responsible for controlling and optimizing baseband communication functions on the RAN.

VMware accelerates Open RAN efforts with RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC)

VMware's newest addition to the Telco Cloud Platform is VMware RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC), coming in 2022.

Simplifying and accelerating Open RAN

Dell Technologies recently announced it is delivering a fully validated solution for Mavenir Open vRAN and VMware Telco Cloud Platform to accelerate the deployment of new open radio access network (RAN) architectures and usher in a new era of 5G growth. To accommodate the enormous amount...

Rakuten Symphony, Intel and Juniper Networks unveil new O-RAN solution

Intel, Juniper Networks, and Rakuten Symphony announced a collaborative effort to develop Symware, a carrier-grade Open RAN (O-RAN) solution for mobile network operators to modernize radio cell sites. Rakuten Symphony is a new business organization promoted by Japanese carrier Rakuten Mobile, with the main aim...

StarlingX: Open-source software at the cutting edge (Sponsored)

Just as the evolution of the smart phone was enabled by the transition from 3G to 4G, use cases for connected devices will evolve with 5G. There will be connected appliances, connected cars, connected factories and even connected cities that will each require the...

O-RAN Alliance announces new specifications, MWC LA demonstrations

The O-RAN Alliance, a global community of more than 300 companies operating in the Radio Access Network (RAN) industry, has released another set of technical specifications for Open RAN. In addition to the nine technical specifications outline below, another 39 technical documents have been...

vRAN vs. Open RAN: What’s the same and what’s different?

vRAN and Open RAN help operators improve flexibility, reduce costs and meet growing demand by disaggregating Radio Access Network functions.

Editorial Report: From greenfield to brownfield: Open RAN in 2022 (With large scale carrier commitments in place, what’s next for the Open RAN ecosystem?)

Open RAN in 2020 was all about communicating the value proposition and gaining validation from major global operators. In 2021, with that validation in hand, the Open RAN ecosystem is pushing toward delivering on those benefits. Priorities include a broader pool of hardware support,...

Dell digs into telecom with solutions supporting 5G, Open RAN

Dell exec: 'The telecommunications network opening up is absolutely inevitable' In June, Dell Technologies revealed intentions to enhance its participation in the telecommunications industry by driving an open ecosystem with its Project Metalweaver and related solutions. This week, the company took its first major step...

Open RAN Transformation Virtual Event

The road to open and virtualized networks is paved with challenges. Join Keysight for the Open RAN Transformation event and hear from industry and technical experts on the state of the market and challenges across the O-RAN lifecycle. Secure your spot today before it...

Vodafone and partners test Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) disaggregation

Open RAN isn't the only place Vodafone sees the importance of disaggregation. It's also fixed its sights on Broadband Network Gateways (BNGs)

What is Kubernetes and what does it mean for 5G?

Kubernetes is cloud software container management that can help carriers with 5G Network Functions Virtualization

ADI Article: 5G Technology Devices for an O-RAN Wireless Solution

O-RAN was created as a catalyst to transform the wireless community, to enable new channels of wireless equipment, and to enable innovation to fulfill the promises made by 3GPP about 5G. To be successful and cost-effective, open sources of radio equipment and optimized 5G technology...

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