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How Artificial Intelligence will impact the human workforce

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The fear that AI will take away a significant number of jobs is somewhat exaggerated, says Rana Gujral. Gujral is the CEO of Behavioral Signals and an expert on AI. Behavioral Signals creates software that introduces emotional intelligence into speech recognition technology.

Gujral thinks of AI as comparable to major innovations from the past. They improved productivity and the overall economic ecosystem. They took what humans were doing and enhanced it. And, in many cases, they took on tasks humans didn’t really want to do. But, he agrees, some workers will be affected more than others—just as with earlier innovations.

In this episode, Gujral explains the difference between AI and machine learning; shares his thoughts on the tasks AI will take on and what it’s already doing to help professionals; and discusses the responsibilities and mindsets people and companies can adopt to adjust to these coming technologies.

Listen now for insights on AI and to hear what Behavioral Signals is doing to augment human-to-human interactions and improve human-to-machine interactions. Be sure to subscribe to future episodes.

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