YOU ARE AT:5GHuawei, Türk Telekom claim 'unprecedented' 5G speed

Huawei, Türk Telekom claim ‘unprecedented’ 5G speed

The 5G speed was achieved on a live, 3GPP compliant test network in Istanbul

Earlier this week, Türk Telekom and Huawei reported a single-user 5G smartphone speed above 2.92 Gbps, breaking a world record. The “unprecedented” speed was achieved on a live, 3GPP compliant 5G test network at a Turk Telecom facility in Istanbul. The trial used a Huawei Mate 20 X 5G smartphone with Türk Telekom’s 5G-compatible SIM card.

“We have reached unprecedented speeds thanks to this technology, which provides many benefits for users and operators,” said Yusuf Kıraç, Türk Telekom’s CTO. “The high speed and large capacity targets promised by 5G technology have been achieved.”

Simon Pei, deputy country general manager of Huawei Turkey, provided more details about the trial: “Based on C-band 200MHz IBW and 2CC Carrier Aggregation technologies, which only Huawei products can support, the test was performed in Türk Telekom’s test network with Huawei 5G commercial network equipment. Huawei and Türk Telekom used innovative pure 5G NR Carrier Aggregation technology which [allows substantially] higher data speeds, increased capacity and wider spectrum.”

Earlier this year, Turk Telekom worked with Huawei to test its first 5G cloud application: the remote access of AR and VR based educational content over a 5G cloud connection. The AR/VR content was provided by Nara EdTech, while Türk Telekom provided low latency, high quality image transfer over 5G network on topics such as biology, chemistry and electronics.

The success in Turkey is not Huawei’s first record-breaking claim. In early October, Huawei and Swiss wireless provider Sunrise achieved a record speed of 3.67 Gbps downlink with multiple 5G smartphones in one 5G cell in Zürich. What makes this feat even more impressive is that it was accomplished using sub-6 GHz radio frequencies, which have a greater range, but generally enable slower speeds than the short-distance millimeter wave spectrum being used for 5G network deployment in the U.S.


Catherine Sbeglia
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