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ADTRAN sees opportunity using utility networks for gigabit broadband

Utility companies are looking to expand gigabit broadband in rural areas, says ADTRAN

ADTRAN, Inc., an open networking and subscriber experience solutions provider, has developed the Total Access 5000 fiber access platform, a broadband access platform to reduce capital outlay and provide investment protection in service provider network infrastructure. The platform, which also enables the addition of new services over time, is a response to the challenges many local utility companies face when serving rural areas, which often present harsh climates, unforgiving geography and wide-ranging service areas. 

Last week, ADTRAN revealed that its Total Access 5000 fiber access platform was recently selected by over a dozen new utility providers from the U.S. and Canada, bringing fiber broadband services to communities where these services wouldn’t otherwise be available 

The Total Access 5000 Series of Multi-Service Access Nodes (MSAN) provides deployment flexibility and a wide range of next generation 10G FTTH and vectored DSL services. With modules available in front access and rear access (where applicable), the ability to use the same modules, and by using I/O Modules to create a flexible and extensible backplane, the ADTRAN 5000 Series provides cost efficiencies with wiring, warehousing and spare units.  

As more utility companies look to power their service offerings with gigabit broadband, the next generation of broadband internet service, ADTRAN’s utility customer base has reportedly grown by 50% year-over-year. 

Gigabit broadband is typically delivered over fiber optic lines and provides speeds in excess of 1,000Mbps, and according to a Fiber Broadband Association report, communities with access to gigabit internet had a 1.1% higher per capita GDP, equating to approximately $1.4 billion in additional GDP over similarly situated communities. 

“Utilities have started to make a dramatic impact on those communities where fiber broadband services are not available and we’re pleased that so many are selecting ADTRAN for their infrastructure partner on these network builds,” ADTRAN Vice President of Sales for Americas and Head of Global Business Development Craig Stein said. “Understanding that many environments demand a staged approach to modernization, we developed our broadband platform to lower the barriers to advanced technology so that these customers can address the demand for innovative services and applications.” 



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