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5G enables IoT industry application


5G-based Smart Water-control and Monitoring

Problems such as flood and soil erosion, water pollution have led to global water resources crisis. Traditional means of water quality monitoring and control lacked automation, and were characterized by few monitoring points, and slow sampling rates. This results in difficulty in predicting issues.

In view of the above problems, ZTE has upgraded the capability of IoT platform to incubate and deploy the innovative solutions combining BD and AI technologies. Meanwhile, China Telecom and ZTE have created the end-to-end 5G-based Smart Water-control and Monitoring by virtue of the advantages in 5G:

The 5G-based Smart Water-control and Monitoring has been successfully piloted in Baiyangdian Lake of Xiong’an in China by China Telecom and ZTE. Based on 5G network and cloud infrastructure built by China Telecom, the Xiong’an water management project deployed UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle) for inspection, Unmanned Ship Patrol with real-time video feedback. This allows three-dimensional monitoring of water source site in combination with data from connected water quality sensor. The high bandwidth and low latency of the 5G network makes it possible for UAV to carry out visual inspection of the water surface. The purpose of this is to identify foreign objects (e.g. solid waste) on the water surface. If those objects are deemed undesirable, they will be removed. Muti-dimensional data from connected water quality sensors is aggregated on the ZTE IoT platform, and intelligent processing allows pollution prediction. This provides a scientific basis for preventive and proactive water management.

Compared with the traditional water management, the solution has achieved three major innovations:

  • 4K Video: Based on 5G with high bandwidth and low time delay, video monitoring is carried out using UAV. This allows good visual monitoring of the water resources.
  • 5G AR/VR: Using AR (Augmented Reality) / VR (Virtual Reality) technology combined with 5G to carry out and control the video monitoring. Remote control of UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is achieved by AR, such as the adjustment of perspective; On the basis of 2D HD video, through wearing VR equipment we can watch the 3D scene of water area.
  • Data processing:Based on ZTE IoT platform, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technology are used to establish a water quality model. Based on the existing data, and through the data cleaning, optimizing operation so as to obtain a large number of basic data; Use these basic data, the establishment of a water quality prediction model based on relevance vector machine (SVM) regression, which can be based on prior knowledge to infer the future form of data distribution. With a large number of real data, lowering the prediction data of fitting degree, achieve good prediction effect.

The 5G-based Smart Water-control and Monitoring solution helps the water quality monitoring system to realize three-dimensional monitoring, intelligent analysis and fine control, and enables the digital transformation of water management. With the large-scale commercial use of 5G, China Telecom and ZTE will be committed to the construction and promotion of Smart Water-control and Monitoring together, contributing to the global water resources environmental protection.


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