YOU ARE AT:CarriersNokia deploys its largest cloud packet core for Vodafone India

Nokia deploys its largest cloud packet core for Vodafone India

Cloud packet core will support nearly 8 million subs

Bangalore, India, a tech hub in the rapidly developing subcontinent, just got a little more connected with Vodafone India’s deployment of a Nokia cloud packet core that will support some 7.8 million enterprise and consumer users.

Vodafone India’s Technology Direct Vishant Vora noted the inherent scalability that comes with moving core functionality onto a cloud platform. With the deployment, the carrier can improve “business productivity and network operations. The introduction of a new architecture also enables us to reduce power consumption per customer in our goal to contribute positively to society.”

The tech stack involved here includes the core, a cloud mobile gateway, services controller, security protocols, DNS and signaling equipment. The mobile gateway sets Voda up to quickly offer differentiated internet of things services.

The mobile market in India is red hot at the moment. According to Nokia research, in December 2017 82% of total data traffic was carrier over LTE networks with average monthly data usage of 11 GB per subscriber. The infrastructure vendor found that mobile data traffic increased 144% last year, with around 70% of mobile traffic supporting video services.

Samar Mittal, account director at Nokia India, said Vodafone is now equipped “to deliver the best-in-class mobile broadband experience to the customer and lives us to our joint social responsibility to reduce carbon emissions.”




Sean Kinney, Editor in Chief
Sean Kinney, Editor in Chief
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