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Cloud migration facilitated by Toptal on-demand DevOps service

Toptal on-demand DevOps service focuses on aiding cloud migration

Toptal, an American company that provides freelance software engineers, designers and finance experts to companies, announced a new DevOps on-demand service. The new service connects businesses with a pool of freelance DevOps professionals specializing in virtualization, containerization, automation, continuous integration and delivery, and cloud application distribution, according to the company.

DevOps is a term that has spread like wildfire throughout the telecom ecosystem, which involves the integration of software developers and operations staff. The purpose of bringing these two teams together is to deliver quicker time to market applications with lower costs and better quality. According to Toptal, since 2016, the company has seen a 109% annual growth rate in demand from clients for DevOps positions.

Cloud technologies complement DevOps practices, providing developers with more control over their networks. In addition, by leveraging cloud tools to automate the process of creating, managing and provisioning code, operations staff are able to accelerate the development process, prevent human mistakes and demonstrate reliability. The purpose of the Toptal DevOps on-demand service is to help organizations successfully move business applications to the cloud.

“As organizations undergo DevOps transformations to more quickly deliver applications and services and compete more effectively in the market, most still don’t have access to the right talent who can make this happen,” said Alvaro Oliveira, VP of talent operations at Toptal. “Our new DevOps specialization provides a reliable pipeline of qualified software professionals who can enable shorter development cycles, increased deployment frequency, and more dependable releases, among other agile software development goals.”

Toptal said the DevOps professionals it recruits undergo a screening process that accepts less than 3% of applications. The company uses a proprietary technology platform to vet applications. Toptal then looks to find an ideal match between talent expertise and the needs of clients. The company said this recruiting model has allowed Toptal to become the biggest distributed workforce globally, with annual revenues surpassing $100 million and growing at approximately 300 % over the course of two years.

Commenting on what it takes to be a successful DevOps professional, Andrea Villa, a former DevOps engineer at Atlassian and system architect at CloudReach, said: “To be effective, today’s DevOps Engineer needs to have a developer background and possess a wide knowledge of system administration and network knowledge. It’s important that they be able to bridge the gap between the raw code and the challenges that the business has to face everyday – such as reducing friction between ideas, delivery, and consumers.”


Nathan Cranford
Nathan Cranford
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