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NFV and cloud investments stressed in Oracle survey

Oracle releases survey noting main issues facing service providers and potential solutions

Oracle recently conducted a new global survey titled “The Communications Cloud: CSPs Take on Tomorrow,” polling the top challenges facing customer service providers (CPS) and how they might be overcome. The survey found improving customer experience and staying up to pace with technology as the greatest hurdles facing companies, citing network functions virtualization (NFV) and the cloud as the main tools addressing these concerns.

CSPs are utilizing cloud technologies to make their network infrastructures more manageable, cost-effective and agile. Several of the leading telecom and cable operators have joined forces on NFV projects to advance an ecosystem that supports an array of use cases.

“CSPs are leveraging cloud technologies to transform their networks and create more compelling experiences for their customers, partners, and employees,” said Doug Suriano, senior vice president and general manager at Oracle Communications, in a statement. “The move to cloud will continue to play a key role in helping CSPs improve their service agility and expand their business with new innovations in IoT, digital, and cloud services.”

CSPs are under pressure to fulfill wavering customer needs on top of advancing the latest tech novelties. Approximately 71% agreed cloud communications simplify operations, boost time to market and reduce overall effort; and 60% agreed advancements in NFV will be able to meet these objectives in the next two years. Objectives for cost reduction and time to market could take longer, according to the CSPs, but investments continue.

The survey also found around half of CSPs believe they are ready to take on customer experience (CX) issues. Quality, cost and reducing risks are without doubt important; however, the CSPs said many issues relating to customer experience are nontechnical. They thought it was more important a cloud partner to offer experience and data access on top of technology instead of only having the best technical capabilities.

The survey also found CSPs are willing to pay premium to control their network infrastructure, even though the advantages believed to be attached to the cloud overlap in key areas. Moreover, 53% felt NFV for both public and private cloud infrastructures did not differ significantly in terms of performance, security and agility.

CSPs intend to continue investing in NFV as many view it as a means to boost the deployment of cloud services. Another 53% said they wanted to embrace the cloud, but felt inhibited by the risks attached to replacing legacy infrastructure. Interestingly, 59% said they would prefer to have control over hardware and software, even if it was not as flexible or agile.


Nathan Cranford
Nathan Cranford
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