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Telecom Tweets of the Week: AI, AI, yi

Ask a few people what “AI” means, and you get everything from (a few) blank looks to “if it’s a techno-organic, it would have legs like a cheetah but a human’s body.” Which is a pretty awesome answer.

I was more than slightly disappointed that there were no references to this Haley Joel Osment/Jude Law classic.

Joining the AI ranks of Suri, Alexa and Google Assistant, Samsung’s AI Bixby makes some strides in actually tying voice commands to device actions, rather than mostly answering questions, according to WSJ. Samsung just released an update this week that allows US users of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ to utilize Bixby, and we’ll be seeing more of the AI once Samsung releases the new Galaxy Note 8 (expected to happen at its next Unpacked event on August 23).

In China, the AI industry is expected to be big, to the tune of generating 400 billion yuan in revenue (about $59 billion) by 2025. The Chinese government has a newly announced AI strategic plan to be an early technology mover in this area, in which it concludes that by 2020, due to “the overall technology and application of artificial intelligence and the world’s advanced level of synchronization, artificial intelligence industry [will] become a new important economic growth point.” That plan is linked in Andrew Ng’s tweet below (the page requires translation).

But while we wait for actual-factual AI, in the meantime, we’ve got robots. Robots that, in some cases, can’t handle stairs.

But even as we humans point and laugh at the hapless robot, we’re also sentimental. Okay, still making fun, but hey:

Elsewhere on Twitter: I’ve heard varying opinions over the years as to just how vulnerable (or not) mobile is as a threat vector. In the video linked below, AT&T experts break it down.

For your Friday time-killer, go explore the International Space Station via Google Maps:

Alternatively, if you just can’t get enough of the most-streamed-ever song “Despacito,” now you can listen to President Trump “sing” it. Happy Friday!


Kelly Hill
Kelly Hill
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