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Telecom Tweets of the Week: Big Phish

Google users had a collective panic attack this week when someone put together a massive phishing attack that used malicious links to a non-Google-Docs app that was.named “Google Docs”. Diabolical. About 1 million users were affected, and although Google was on top of the issue within about an hour, some interesting things are cropping up in the aftermath — including claims that it was “just research” …?

More from Jason Cox over at Motherboard. 

Verizon decided to plunk down $21 million for the right to stream a single National Football League game — a match-up between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore Ravens to be held in London. Apparently that one is not to be missed.

In obligatory May the Fourth tweets, Ericsson discusses making the Death Star indestructible. Who knew that cloud computing and software-defined networking would have helped the Empire maintain its intergalactic stranglehold? Nobody tell Kylo Ren.

For those in need of still more early-tech nostalgia, Dan Bader over at Android Central says that the new BlackBerry KEYone feels like home:

If you’re looking for a techy way to pass time on a Friday, Sports Illustrated just launched the first virtual reality project that has seemed even vaguely interesting to me: a virtual climb of Mount Everest.

Alternatively, start-up SceneThere can take you to North Korea. Your choice.

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Kelly Hill
Kelly Hill
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