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T-Mobile Un-carrier 11 to include stock?

Published reports indicate the planned T-Mobile Un-carrier event will include a stock giveaway component as part of a broader customer loyalty program

T-Mobile US is reportedly set to throw real equity at customers, with rumors insisting the carrier’s planned “Un-carrier 11” event will include some form of free stock offer.
Published reports claim T-Mobile US will announce its “Stock Up” plan in which customers can earn stock in the carrier as part of the event scheduled for later today. The offering is said to be limited to postpaid customers, with those subscribers able to earn up to 100 shares of T-Mobile US stock per year.
Customers will be able to earn the stock either through an initial giveaway or by referring new customers to the carrier. To earn the initial giveaway, customers will need to download the carrier’s T-Mobile Tuesday application that is part of a broader customer loyalty program the carrier is also expected to announce. Once downloaded, customers will then need to sign up with web-based investing service Loyal3 at which point they will be provided with a single T-Mobile US share. Postpaid customers who have been with the carrier for at least five years are said to receive two shares.
T-Mobile US subscribers will then be able to earn up to 99 additional shares per year for referring a new connection, with that process only requiring entering the new connection phone number into the T-Mobile Tuesday application. Those new connections will need to remain with the carrier for at least 15 days to be considered for the referral program.
T-Mobile US stock (TMUS) is currently trading at around $43.50 per share. The predicted promotion could be a long-term boon for those eligible as rumors continue to persist about the carrier eventually being acquired by one of a variety of telecom entities.
The customer loyalty program is said to offer customers free items each week, including fast-food, pizzas and movie downloads.
AT&T last week launched its Thanks customer reward program targeting postpaid wireless customers. The program offers qualified customers free movie tickets under the “Ticket Twosdays” promotion, which as the name suggests provides a free movie ticket with the purchase of a full-price ticket for a Tuesday movie through a partnership with AT&T Mobility customers also will be provided with priority presale access to concerts promoted by Live Nation, and AT&T customers who sign up for the company’s DirecTV service are set to gain access to “special content” on their televisions and mobile devices.
AT&T also is promising it will launch other private offers, including tickets to live events, device and accessory perks, and data giveaways. The carrier noted as the program “evolves, offers will be tailored to customers based on their services and packages with AT&T.” Customers are not required to sign up for the service, as it’s set to be a free perk for those who qualify.
T-Mobile US announced its Binge On video platform during its last “Un-carrier” event, which allows some postpaid customers to stream video content from what is now more than 80 services without touching their data allotment. The Binge On platform is said to be stimulating twice as much consumption from the video partners, with more than 377 million hours of total video content streamed via the platform since its launch.
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