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Method behind RootMetrics rankings of Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint

On this week’s Carrier Wrap, we talk with RootMetrics so get some insight into the company’s network testing methodology for Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint

Few would argue the competitive nature of the domestic mobile space, especially among the nation’s four largest operators. Much of this is played out in the marketing world where it seems not a minute goes by without an advertisement from one of the big four touting their network superiority in one form or another.

Central to many of these claims are network tests conducted by third-party providers that use various methodologies to garner insight into network capabilities and coverage. One of the more cited firms is RootMetrics, which over the past few years has grown its testing operations into a robust platform both domestically and increasingly overseas.

The research firm earlier this year released network testing results conducted during the second half of 2015, which showed Verizon Wireless had the most robust network performance, a spot the carrier looks to be maintaining through the first quarter of this year.

On this week’s Carrier Wrap, RCR Wireless News Editor-in-Chief Dan Meyer talks with Julie Dey, VP at RootMetrics, to get an overview on the company, gain some insight into its testing methodology and challenges the company has faced as it has become a growing source of data for carrier differentiation and consumer insight.

Dey noted RootMetrics is constantly looking at ways to bolster its testing methodology, which currently uses both internal work as well as crowd-sourced material, with the main focus being able to provide consumers with the most detailed amount of information in terms of the carrier most likely to meet their needs.

That will do it for this week’s show. Make sure to check us out again next week when we have news and insight from the CCA Mobile Carriers Show.

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