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Measuring QoE in a mobile world

Procera ScoreCard drives visibility and actionable insight for QoE

A customer’s quality of experience is key for communications service providers working to maintain a competitive edge in an increasingly saturated marketplace.

Driving QoE is more complicated than simply processing network data; it requires using that data in a meaningful way that provides actionable insights.

Procera Networks on June 8 announced its new ScoreCard solution, which measures QoE indicators from Internet browsing and streaming-video applications, as well as social media, gaming, uploads and downloads, and voice application.

ScoreCard essentially assigns each application-type a letter grade, which is meant to help network operators hone plans for network investments that can boost performance, maximize return on investment and, at the edge, drive QoE for subscribers.

Procera President and CEO James Brear said customers are presented with so many service options that they can easily opt for whatever best “matches their desires and expectations.”

“However, data services on mobile or fixed networks are usually only rated by broadband speed, which is an incomplete measurement of the subscriber’s actual experience,” he said. “We are changing that with ScoreCard by helping subscribers choose the right product and measure its quality while enabling operators to understand what matters most to their customers.”

In its recent Mobile Subscriber Experience Survey, Procera found that 80% of respondents reported the critical importance of high-speed service while only 60% agreed they don’t have access to continuous high-speed coverage.

The survey also found that 75% of respondents stream mobile video several times a week with the vast majority, 80%, projecting that this volume will soon increase.

Speaking to that, the survey results concluded that 90% of respondents reported video quality problems every day.

ScoreCard is capable of providing a breakdown on QoE based on device employed, radio access network and location, and subscriber tier.

Procera CTO and co-founder Alexander Haväng stressed ScoreCard’s ability to go beyond a speed test or performance rating.

“Network quality conditions impact the subscriber’s experience specific to each application,” he said. “ScoreCard measures all traffic for all subscribers all the time delivering data that is constantly relevant and actionable. ScoreCard enables various departments within service providers to isolate problems and address network shortcomings by delivering actionable impacts.”


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