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Boost Mobile trims no-contract price for LTE access

A day after AT&T Mobility adjusted pricing for its Aio Wireless no-contract service, Sprint countered the move by announcing a price cut for its Boost Mobile offering.

For a limited time, Boost is offering unlimited voice calling, messaging and data services for $35 per month. Those data services include 2.5 gigabytes of access to Sprint’s expanding LTE network, with overage throttled down to 3G speeds. All video services will be throttled down to 3G speeds regardless of the data bucket.

The catch, however, is that the offering is only available through the end of March, and that the $35 plan will only apply for the first six months of service. After that, the price escalates to $50 per month for the same service, though customers can earn $5 per month discounts for every six on-time payments down to a minimum of $40 per month.

Devices compatible with the offering include all models sold by Boost, with those wanting the LTE speeds needing to of course have an LTE-equipped device. Boost’s lineup is similar to parent company Sprint, including the range of Apple’s iPhones.

Boost’s move comes on the heels of AT&T Mobility altering the price of rate plans for its no-contract Aio Wireless service. The new Aio Wireless plans begin with is “basic” offer remaining at $40 per month for unlimited voice calling and messaging, with its previous data bucket doubled to 500 megabytes. Its middle-tier “Smart Plan” dropped $5 per month to $50 and received an additional 500 MB of data to a total of 2.5 gigabytes. The “Pro Plan” received a $10 discount to $60 per month, though its un-throttled data bucket was cut from seven gigabytes to five gigabytes. Aio is also offering a $5 discount per month for customers that sign up for its automatic payment offer.

Sprint, which is scheduled to announce fourth quarter 2013 results next week, has become increasingly reliant on its no-contract brands to foster growth. The carrier currently has four outlets for no-contract services, including its own branded effort, Virgin Mobile USA, Boost Mobile and the government-subsidized Assurance.

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