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Time Trippin’: DT remains committed to T-Mobile USA; Sprint Nextel to trial WiBro … 7 years ago this week

Editor’s Note: The RCR Wireless News Time Machine is a way to take advantage of our extensive history in covering the wireless space to fire up the DeLorean and take a trip back in time to re-visit some of the more interesting headlines from this week in history. Enjoy the ride!

Sprint Nextel unveils first EV-DO handset
Sprint Nextel Corp. unveiled its first CDMA EV-DO phone, the PPC-6700 smart phone. The advanced gadget features a 1.3-megapixel digital camera, Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Mobile 5.0 software and support for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. It will sell for $480 with a service plan. The personal digital assistant-style device features a keyboard that slides out from the side. … Read More

Deutsche Telekom committed to strengthening T-Mobile USA
German telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom AG reaffirmed its intention to keep its U.S. mobile subsidiary T-Mobile USA Inc. and said it plans to participate in upcoming spectrum auctions to strengthen T-Mobile USA’s competitive position. “There is no reason for a sale,” DT Chief Executive Kai-Uwe Ricke told a German newspaper. “On the contrary, we are about to prepare for the next round. This means that we will take part in the spectrum auctions next year.” … Read More

Canadian broadband wireless network hopes to roam with Clearwire: Bell Canada to buy McCaw’s stake in NR Communications
Canadian telecom giants Rogers Communications Inc. and Bell Canada said they plan to jointly build and manage a nationwide wireless broadband network that through a potential roaming agreement could include Craig McCaw’s U.S.-based wireless broadband provider Clearwire Corp. Bell Canada and Rogers said they will pool their wireless broadband spectrum holdings into the joint venture-dubbed Inukshuk Internet Inc., which will build and operate the network-with plans to cover more than two-thirds of the country’s population within three years. … Read More

Sprint Nextel to trial Samsung’s WiBro technology at 2.5 GHz
Sprint Nextel Corp. reported a deal with Samsung Telecommunications America LLP to jointly test network equipment based on the 802.16e WiMAX standard using Sprint Nextel’s 2.5 GHz spectrum. The companies said the agreement will involve testing prototype terminals and supporting core network equipment designed to support interactive multimedia services. The collaboration will involve lab trials at company facilities and field trials with customers, as well as interoperability testing with Sprint Nextel’s “ecosystem” partners to verify the specifications of 802.16e technology, also called WiBro. … Read More

Judge shuts down firm selling Verizon Wireless customer records
Verizon Wireless said it shut down an Internet firm that was selling its customers’ calling records. “Accessing a person’s personal telephone records without a valid court order or the customer’s permission is illegal,” said Steven Zipperstein, the carrier’s general counsel and vice president of legal and external affairs. “Verizon Wireless will protect our customers against these kinds of assaults on their privacy, and we will use every weapon in our legal arsenal to shut down identity-theft operations.” … Read More

Nortel partners with Intel, Airspan on WiMAX: First trials, commercial equipment set for 2006
Nortel Networks Ltd. announced its market strategy for WiMAX product development, saying it has formed alliances with Intel Corp. for mobile WiMAX and Airspan Networks Inc. for fixed WiMAX development. Nortel said these new alliances will complement WiMAX work already under way with LG Electronics Co. Ltd., and products will be designed to allow carriers, cable providers and Internet service providers to deliver broadband connectivity to consumer and enterprise users by leveraging existing networks and ‘last-mile’ wireless links. … Read More

Verizon Wireless updates FCC on service in Gulf Coast: T-Mobile USA reopens New Orleans store
Verizon Wireless President and Chief Executive Officer Dennis Strigl sent a letter to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin updating the commission on the carrier’s progress in restoring services to areas hit by Hurricane Katrina. Strigl said the carrier has restored service to more than 95 percent of its geographic coverage in the areas impacted by the hurricane, and it has restored service to nearly 350 of the 400 cell sites that were knocked out by the hurricane and subsequent flooding. … Read More

Rural wireless carriers warn FCC on upcoming auctions
The Federal Communications Commission and Congress may have differing opinions on upcoming auctions of third-generation and digital TV spectrum, warned the Rural Telecommunications Group late Monday. RTG said the FCC’s idea of allowing combinatorial bidding could go against Congress’ wishes that spectrum be made available to small rural carriers. “RTG reminds the FCC of its congressionally mandated duty to craft auctions that disseminate licenses to small and rural bidders. So far, all evidence regarding combinatorial bidding suggests that this mandate has not been met. If the ‘threshold’ concerns are not to be addressed, it is likely that combinatorial bidding will run afoul of the Communications Act,” said RTG Counsel Caressa Bennet. … Read More

Nokia takes on enterprise market with wireless e-mail product
Nokia Corp. released a new, low-priced wireless e-mail product that will work with almost any new mobile phone. The offering sets Nokia squarely in the wireless enterprise marketplace and pits the company directly against players like Research In Motion Ltd., Good Technology Inc., Visto Corp., Seven, Intellisync Corp. and others. “This brings mobile e-mail to the corporate masses,” explained Dave Grannan, general manager of Nokia’s e-mail group. “We really want all of the workforce mobilized.” … Read More

Motorola prepares to play to its strengths in WiMAX
Motorola Inc. says it is playing its trump card-wireless mobility-in the WiMAX space, skipping over 802.16 Revision D in favor of getting Revision E (the mobile standard) products to market by the second quarter of 2006. The Moto Wi4 portfolio of mobile WiMAX solutions represents a companywide development initiative based on the IEEE 802.16e standard, which the WiMAX Forum has not yet completed, but is expected to finish soon, said Paul Sergeant, senior manager of MOTOwi4 marketing. … Read More


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