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Mobile advertising must be content-based

SãO PAULO – The mobile advertising market is expected to see tremendous growth in the coming years, with global revenues expected to increase from $3.5 billion in 2010 to $24 billion in 2015, according to Informa Telecoms & Media.

But, what will drive this growth?

Futurist and author Gerd Leonhard explained during a keynote address today at the Mobile Marketing Association Forum in São Paulo that customer trust was vital. “If we don’t trust Google, Twitter, Facebook, we leave them and they will die,” Leonhard said.

However, the key pillar to a solid strategy of mobile marketing is a focus on content. “Advertising is becoming content, marketing is curation, mobile is empowerment, brands are publishers, marketers become storytellers and consumers are participants,” explained Leonhard.

The future passes through the end of “mass-anything” and marketing has been dramatically impacted by the increased role of technology. “There is no difference between online and offline. Disconnected screens will be the exception, they will disappear,” said Leonard. With all devices connected, network traffic will explode.

All of this will culminate in changing how companies approach their mobile strategy. The point is how they will interact with customers. “If you want to succeed you have to give them control, as much as you can. Customers will love you,” Leonard said, adding that empowerment, participation and engagement are the key points.

“Most Internet access will increasingly be through mobile devices, a trend that will have a huge impact on mobile advertising, explained Gerd Leonhard, CEO of the Future Agency, during a video interview with RCR Wireless News.

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