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Android beats Apple in mobile ad market

According to the MobileMix 2011 report released by advertising firm Mellenial Media, Google Android has become the most used mobile advertising platform for US advertisers.

The report revealed Android receives more ad impressions than any other smartphone OS, beating out Apple’s OS for the number one place.

According to the statistics, Android accounted for 53% of ad impressions within Millenial Media’s network as of April 2011, up 10 percent since March. Apple’s iOS account for around 28 percent of impressions in April, falling a staggering 31 percent since March.

RIM’s BlackBerry platform came in third with around 16% of impressions, followed by Symbian, Windows, and miscellaneous other operating systems each with around one percent mobile ad market share or less.

Despite the statistics regarding mobile advertising, Apple remained number one in the mobile apps market, generating over 50 percent of the sector’s revenue. Google only accounted for 39% and RIM with 9%.

Just recently, Gartner revealed mobile phone makers shipped 36.3 million Android devices in the first quarter of 2011, which represents a 5.2 million leap from Android devices shipped in the first quarter of 2010.

The mobile advertising statistics represent a shift in the dominance of the Apple OS with a move towards Google’s Android in the mobile marketing space. Clearly Android has yet to secure such an intense hold on the market in both mobile advertising and the apps market, but continues to show steady growth.



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