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Huawei Q&A: 95,000 employees and growing

Publisher’s Note: This is the second a multi-part series of articles on Chinese companies following Publisher Jeff Mucci’s recent trip to China.

Huawei Fast Facts:
In 2009, Huawei achieved over USD 30 billion in contract sales and USD 21.5 billion in revenue (unaudited revenues). Their expected contract sales in 2010 will hit USD 36 billion.

Huawei’s headquarters in Shenzhen consists of the Administration Center, Marketing Center, R&D Center, Testing Center, Training Center, Exhibition Hall, Logistics & Manufacturing and Staff Condominium (

Huawei has more than 95,000 employees globally, of which 46 percent are engaged in R&D. The company has 17 R&D centers globally and more than 20 innovation centers. More than 10 percent of Huawei’s revenue is invested in R&D each year.

Huawei’s campus in suburban Shenzhen epitomizes my perception of Asian culture. The peaceful Zen-like campus, which includes a number of large multistory buildings made of stone and surrounded by water and trees, was teeming with activity. With more than 90,000 employees, over one-third of whom are involved in research and development, Huawei’s exhibition center was second to none and showcased Huawei’s complete product line from the Single Radio Access Network (Single RAN) platform to wind- and solar-powered remote base stations to the latest in handset and home-networking solutions. Huawei is a force to be reckoned with. The company has 1,000-member workforce in North America and is actively recruiting.
As China’s largest equipment company with more than $21 billion in annual revenue, employee-owned Huawei provided me with a tour of the campus and exhibition hall along with a couple hours of access to two of its top global branding officers – Robert Fox (a Brit) and Ross Gan. Together we reviewed Huawei’s accomplishments and core customer value proposition, which starts with “Innovation” and is tightly bundled with the following four elements:


Jeff Mucci
Jeff Mucci
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