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Despite economy, budgets holding for wireless technology initiatives: RCR Wireless News readers moderately concerned about economy’s impact on wireless

The difficult macro economic environment is having a neutral to moderately negative impact on current wireless technology initiatives, according to a recent study commissioned by RCR Wireless News.
Nearly half of respondents to the survey indicated the economy is having a moderate negative impact on initiatives and budgets for such initiatives. About one-third said the economy is having no impact at all on current budgets for wireless initiatives.

Several respondents noted they are concerned about lower handset sales and whether customers will view wireless technologies as a luxury that can be eliminated in tough economic times.
However, despite the sentiments about the economy putting a damper on wireless spending, 47% of respondents said their wireless budget has not changed because of economic conditions reported in the past month. A slightly smaller percentage – 41.3% – said their budget has been impacted moderately and 11.7% said their budget has been impacted substantially.

Just about half of respondents said their 2009 budget for the purchase of wireless technologies is expected to be flat with 2008, while 13% said their budget will increase up to 15% and 15% said their budget will decrease by up to 15%.
When asked what challenges are most worrisome in this economic climate, respondents listed concerns like layoffs, controlling costs and raising capital.


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