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Ericsson and PowerLight use optical beaming for wireless powered 5G base station

The demonstration used an Ericsson wireless 5G base station and laser technology to transmit hundreds of watts through the air Ericsson and PowerLight demonstrated what they claimed to be the world’s first wirelessly powered 5G base station in Seattle. The base station was “completely powerless”...

Cradlepoint: ‘COVID-19 is transforming wireless tech in education, healthcare’

Moving forward, education and healthcare will lean on wireless technology more heavily, says Cradlepoint CMO One of the primary challenges of battling COVID-19 is delivering reliable connectivity to the millions of students now attending classes from home. While the virus is affecting every single one...

Analyst Angle: Providing 21st century broadband with fixed wireless gigabit

  In a recently published white paper, Maravedis discusses the advantages of using millimeter wave (mmWave) technologies, to deploy fiber-like, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA). 5G FWA can provide gigabit broadband service using both licensed and unlicensed mmWave spectrum, making it an ideal option for both...

Make it so … – IoT innovation Episode 9

"Internet of Things" Innovation is often started with the CEO or board expecting to add an IoT "theme" to their business – often not aware what that means – and that their business leaders will just "make it so." During this episode, Chris Hare and Nicholas Napp recap...

LTE networks set to push technology boundaries

The evolution of wireless networks has gone hand-in-hand with the needs of consumers and spectrum possessed by carriers. You need both to make a network work, but that evolution has begun to accelerate as consumer needs have pushed beyond the spectrum available to support...

Wi-Fi Alliance absorbs WiGig Alliance

The Wi-Fi Alliance and Wireless Gigabit Alliance said they have finalized a previously announced deal to consolidate WiGig technology and certification development into the Wi-Fi Alliance. “Consolidation of the activities in Wi-Fi Alliance will deliver closely-harmonized connectivity and application-layer solutions using WiGig technology,” the organizations...

SPONSORED: Policy as the innovation engine for ‘ThinkingNetworks™’

Mobile operators can become digital lifestyle providers by extending the reach of policy management “everywhere.” Uploading photos to Facebook, tweeting, downloading YouTube videos, browsing the Web, using applications on your smart phone – they all mean something to a mobile operator’s bottom line. In all...

2013 Predictions: Wi-Fi to the rescue

Every year seems to bring a giant leap, or at least a shift, in technology. This is especially true for the wireless industry. Not too long ago, Wi-Fi was the ugly stepchild of the wireless world.

Reader Forum: The four pillars of success for M2M networks

Our world is increasingly connected. Mobile data traffic continues to rise and new devices are constantly emerging into our everyday lives. According to analyst Mary Meeker, 13% of all mobile traffic

Reader Forum: The subscriber experience is king as mobile operators move to Ethernet backhaul

Wireless operators are in the midst of revamping backhaul networks to accommodate surging mobile bandwidth demands. While they consider which backhaul technology to deploy – such as Ethernet or IP/MPLS

2013 Predictions: Top technologies and trends for 2013

As we gaze at the crystal ball – or rather the crystal cloud – for the mobile industry in 2013, we see some significant technologies and trends that have the potential to transform

2013 Predictions: LTE roll-out to have limited immediate impact; social media giants to shake up IP-based messaging; smartphone penetration growth to slow

In 2013, LTE will become a commercial reality in many more countries, but will have limited economic impact in the next 12 months.

Wi-Fi Alliance to absorb WiGig Alliance, hasten interoperability

The Wi-Fi Alliance consolidated its position in representing the wireless local area space, announcing it has signed an agreement to absorb the Wireless Gigabit Alliance (WiGig). The deal, executed under a memorandum of understanding, will bring together the WiGig Alliance’s work on the 60...

Reality Check: Our mobile ecosystem – The disruption is just beginning

Mobile innovation has changed our lives – but this is only the beginning. Mobile computing will continue to drive dramatic changes in how we conduct business, communicate with each other, access and share content

Reality Check: Three things to expect from your wireless sensor network

In the 1980s, the proliferation of the personal computer was a disruptive technology that changed the way we live, work and play. In the 1990s the Internet made its debut, impacting the lives of people all over the world.

Reality Check: Certified programs – Speeding product development and instilling consumer confidence

For companies deploying wireless communications technology, there are many decisions they are faced with when determining the type of products to purchase and deploy. The same is also true for consumers.

Reality Check: Comparing wireless sensor networks – wired vs. wireless

Many building owners today are dealing with higher utility bills, old equipment systems and disparate controls that have been pieced together. One solution is the use of wireless networks to cost-effectively upgrade and replace antiquated controls.

Reality Check: New FCC proposed rules may lead to better location accuracy for E911 calls

Many people are unaware of the location-based services that underpin the provision of essential public safety services in the United States. The chief example is Enhanced 9-1-1 (E911) calls,

2012 Predictions: The battle to be your personal assistant

The enthusiastic acceptance of Apple’s Siri, with its combination of speech recognition and natural language understanding, has demonstrated the practicality and attractiveness of a voice-enabled personal assistant user interface.

Qualcomm's CEO says sci-fi future already here

Qualcomm's Paul Jacobs believes the future of tech – in all its sci-fi glory – is already here, presenting amazing opportunities as well as serious challenges.Speaking to Om Malik on Qualcomm Live, Jacobs discussed the embedding of wireless into almost all objects, in a...

Cisco Extends Mobile Networking Portfolio for Military, Public Services and Transportation Personnel Operating on the Go

TAMPA, Fla. (LandWarNet, Booth 1300) and SAN JOSE, Calif.– Aug. 23, 2011 – Cisco today announced enhancements to its 5900 Series Embedded Services Router (ESR) product line, including the availability of the Cisco

Reader Forum: Always on, always connected – LTE and the connected world

Editor's Note: Welcome to our weekly Reader Forum section. In an attempt to broaden our interaction with our readers we have created this forum for those with something meaningful to say to the wireless industry. We want to keep this as open as possible,...

Powerwave banks $7M profit on increased sales

Powerwave Technologies Inc. (PWAV) recorded a $7 million profit on $170.6 million in sales during the recently closed second quarter. The Santa, Calif.-based company grew its total revenue to $307.3 million in the first half of the year, up from $259.1 million in the...

Capital Markets: Dell expands enterprise with Force10; Acacia acquires 3G/4G patents; and more

Birch Communications, IP-based telecommunications and managed services provider, announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the U.S. CLEC assets of Cordia Communications Corp., My Tel Co Inc., and Northstar Telecom Inc. Read more.Dell announced it has signed a definitive agreement to...

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