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Indonesian cellular operator expands to WLAN services

JAKARTA, Indonesia-Confronting the fierce competition in its core business, Excelcomindo, Indonesia’s GSM 900/1800 operator, spread its wings to provide wireless local area network (WLAN) services.

Excelcomindo’s new services, called “Xlnet,” target mostly the corporate segment and are composed of leased-line services and broadband Internet access. Both services will be delivered over Excelcomindo’s fiber-optics backbone network that previously was intended to only connect its mobile switching center (MSC) throughout the Java island, the country’s mainland.

The company exhibited its WLAN technology at DIGILife (digital life week), a trade show in Jakarta from 24-28 June, to promote the new services.

Joy Wahyudi, Excelcomindo’s general manager of corporate sales, said in the future, Excelecomindo will offer a single solution to corporate users who want wireless Internet, telecommunications, virtual private network, e-commerce and mobility.


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