As the new year rolled in, RCR took a look at what is hip and what is gauche in the wireless industry.

Out In

PDAs wireless Internet access

Andrew Barrett Regina Keeney

James Quello Bill Kennard

Rachelle Chong Minority GOP nominee

Reed Hundt Susan Ness

Donald McClellan Pete Belvin

WTR research EU research

bidding credits partitioning/disaggregation

legislation litigation

antenna siting law moratoria

SMR covered SMR

facility-based paging geographic licensing

ESMR competition Nextel monopoly

politically correct electrically sensitive

wireless lobbyists unions/environmentalists

CDMA testing CDMA commercialization

FCC Oftel

Jack Fields Billy Tauzin

Larry Pressler John McCain

telcos CLECs

service allocation flexibility

defaults banks

interconnection universal service

private wireless auctions spectrum fees

satellite monopoly satellite competition

trade barriers open markets

tariffs no tariffs

broadcast auction public safety

Clinton encryption Burns encryption

digital wiretap compliance carrier reimbursement

cellular PCS

budget gridlock budget compromise

Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich

Filegate Indonesiagate

telecom act technical amendments

retail wholesale

mergers strategic partnerships

triangulation vital center

Mickey Kantor Richard Daley

WinStar Associated

NextWave MobileMedia


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