Digital Microwave Corp. announced it has received purchase orders valued at $5 million to supply digital microwave radios to Smart Information Technologies Inc., a cellular firm and local exchange carrier in the Philippines. Digital Microwave said its products will be used to support the expansion of Smart’s cellular network in the Philippines.

Radio Communications International, a distributor of Motorola Inc.’s radio communications equipment in the Commonwealth of Independent States, the former Soviet Union, announced it has signed two new contracts with Motorola. The first contract is a systems distributorship in Russia, and the second is an international distributorship in the Ukraine. RCI said the contracts will allow it to install complete radio systems and networks for its clients as well as target new customers. The company said it expects revenue increases of 35 percent to 40 percent.

International Telecommunications Data Systems of Stamford, Conn., introduced its ITDS 10X, a fully integrated client/server system that supports consolidated services billing, to wireless carriers in the United Kingdom. ITDS said the core system includes all software and support for message processing, service order, customer care, invoicing, remittance processing and a full suite of financial and management reports available online. ITDS said its Point of Sale module allows subscribers buying in retail outlets to purchase a phone, select a rate plan, qualify and pay for the service within minutes.

Tekelec announced the installation of its MGTS signaling diagnostic systems by Telmex S.A de C.V., a telephone company in Mexico. The system is used for simulating, testing and monitoring signaling system 7-based wireless and wireline networks and was purchased by Telmex to assist in the launch of its new SS7 network, Tekelec said.

Mobile Telecommunication Technologies Corp. announced its joint venture in the Philippines, SkyTel Philippines, has launched paging and messaging services in Manila. Mtel and PowerPage, Mtel’s partner in the Philippines, received authorization in April 1995 from the National Telecommunications Commission to build a network there. SkyTel Philippines’ links to Mtel’s global messaging network allow the venture to offer international paging services in that country for the first time, Mtel said.

Coral Systems Inc., a U.S. anti-cellular fraud software company, said it will open an office in Europe after it has completed an agreement with the Austrian PTT to supply its Fraud Buster product and associated software. Coral said Fraud Buster is Unix-based neural network software that interfaces with a cellular network’s own call logging and billing software to assess the probability of fraud. The device instructs the cellular network’s home location register to refuse a call from the mobile.


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