Motorola Inc. has teamed with NewsPager Corporation of America to introduce its Inflo information receiver, which is an alphanumeric pager that acts as an information device, constantly updating its display with news, sports, financial news, world headlines and more. The compact Motorola information receiver measures 31/4 inches by 21/4 inches, and weighs less than 4.2 ounces. It is available to local paging carriers and some retail outlets this month. (407) 364-2000.

To assist cellular providers in planning and tracking their data markets, MPR Teltech Ltd. has introduced its Cellular Market Research System for both network planners and marketing managers. CMRS classifies cellular calls into one of four categories, and generates data on each category such as number of calls, duration of calls, etc. With the analysis, carriers can better match equipment and services to customer needs, according to the company, including extra network capacity for cellular digital packet data technology. Remote modem access is also possible. (604) 294-1471.

Carriers can now convert low-speed and GOLAY format Motorola Bravo pagers to higher baud rate technology using a conversion kit developed by UltraTek, of Torrance, Calif. The Bravo Saver pager decoder boards not only boost speeds to conform to 1200 and 2400 baud systems, but also upgrades Bravo features using UltraTek’s URI 888 single chip ASIC. The upgraded pager looks like an older Bravo, according to UltraTek. But it will have a larger LCD screen, time stamping, alarm clock, signal strength indicator, canned message capability and more message storage. (310) 301-2221.

A scanning portable two-way radio is available from Maxon America Inc. that retains all the performance features of the company’s SP-2000 series design. The new scanning radio comes in either four or 16 channel models, and is available in UHF or VHF configurations. Scanning software is combined with Maxon’s Priority Channel and Look Back Channel functions, increasing the radio’s versatility. CTCSS and DCS tone signaling helps to customize the radio for optimal efficiency, according to the company. Maxon’s SP-2000 series meets military specifications. (816) 891-6320.

Ositech Communications Inc. of Ontario now offers another member of the Trumpcard family of multifunction Personal Computer Memory Card International Association devices. The Jack of Diamonds combines an Ethernet network adapter and a high-speed cellular data-fax modem into a single Type II PCMCIA card. It allows access to the Ethernet network and modem simultaneously, while only taking up one PCMCIA slot. For cellular communications, MNP 10 protocol ensures error-free data transfers, the company said. Direct cable connections to a variety of cellular phones are available. (519) 836-8063.

A direct software link between pager owners and their callers has been established with the Reach Me! Wireless Business Card by Ex Machina Inc. of New York, N.Y. Factory-personalized computer disks are provided to paging customers, who in turn give the disks to their callers. Callers can slip the disk into any Windows or Macintosh computer and Reach Me! will allow them to send full text messages directly to the user’s pager. The product is available exclusively through local, regional and nationwide paging carriers. (800) 238-4738.

A shirt-pocket size FM transceiver has been introduced by Advanced Videotech Corp. of Huntingdon Valley, Pa. The Microtalk shrinks two-way technology into a 4-inch by 2-inch by 1 1/2-inch unit, providing 10 synthesized channels and one- to five-watt selected output in the VHF and UHF bands. The channel number LCD display is illuminated for use in low light conditions and the push button channel scan operates automatically to help locate specific users. Other features include busy channel lockout, TX-RX signal strength indicator, battery-saving circuitry, low-battery indicator and wide bandwidth frequency capability. (800) 233-0013.

A battery-powered full-page mobile facsimile system is now available from MobileFax, a nationwide distributor of communications technologies. The WalkieFax is the first battery-powered full-page fax machine, according to the company. It can work with conventional telephones, cellular telephones, notebook computers, printers, or as an independent unit. WalkieFax can hold up to 40 pages of text in its memory and is compatible with Group III fax machines. It works on AC power or battery power, and has a built-in RJ-11 telephone jack and RS-232 interface for computers. (800) 910-4099.

Uniden America Corp. has designed a new line of pagers for 900 MHz frequencies that are small, yet have a wide offering of features, according to the company. The new LS 9300 pager is the first in the series. It will be available later this year. Uniden’s 9300 has a large, easy-to-read top view display, time stamp, clock and travel alarm. It comes with 30-message capability of 24 characters each, and is housed in a small case. The LS 9300 has six different user programmable alerts and name tags, according to the Fort Worth, Texas-based company. (800) 292-2294.

Zetron Inc. is marketing the enhanced Model 19 Simplexor repeater to increase coverage area without adding another frequency. It now has expanded audio bandwidth that allows it to support two-tone paging with tone frequencies ranging from 300 to 2000 Hz. The Simplexor acts as a simplex repeater, but automatically stores messages if the channel is busy and retransmits when the channel is clear. When connected to a base station or inexpensive mobile radio, Model 19 Simplexor records voice broadcasts or two-tone pages from a radio channel and retransmits them when the channel is clear. Since the same frequency is used for both recording and rebroadcasting, no special licensing is needed. (206) 820-6363.

MobileMedia Communications Inc. now is selling MessageSoft messaging software for DOS, Windows and Macintosh. MessageSoft lets users transmit complete text messages directly from a personal computer equipped with a modem to alphanumeric pagers and MobileMate PCMCIA messaging aids. Users can send messages while performing other tasks on the computer. MessageSoft provides on-line help, a frequent message directory and a directory of users. (201) 462-4965.


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