Nokia Siemens forecasts 12 million LTE Brazilian users


Brazil’s auction of radio frequency in the 451 MHz to 458 MHz band; 461 MHz to 468 MHz band and 2.5 GHz to 2690 MHz, that will allow LTE deployment will not happen until May, but Nokia Siemens Networks forecasts there will be 12 million LTE users in Brazil over the next years.

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Wilson Cardoso, head of technology for Latin America at NSN, told RCR Wireless News that this number is higher than others analysts’ forecasts, and explained that the company has projected 12 million based on the 4G auction’s framework.

“There’s the possibility to replace 3G investments with LTE investments in small cities, and we believe telecom operators may seek a better use of the spectrum acquired and change 3G Capex into LTE,” he noted.

>>> Listen to excerpts of Wilson Cardoso’s interview regarding LTE.

During the interview, Cardoso highlighted the lack of broadband in the country and he pointed out that LTE might supply the needed capacity.

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